Stablemate Scale Bases
Please do not copy any of my ideas ~thank you.

Sorry to say most of my bases are not CM order but done on a whim =)
I do offer finished bases from time to time on Ebay, MXC, MH$P, and my Yahoo group.
Any shown on here for sale will be noted "
Currently for sale!" and I can be emailed for more details.
Models shown on bases are not for sale.


Mail Box Base Currently on Ebay!

Super little trail base set up for those "slightly larger than SM yet not as big as a Pebble" size resins and the OF Safari brand. (Ex of resins it should work with: the Mini Caprice resin and some of the AA resins!). Black mailbox sits on top of a porcelain type gray fence with iron decorative top. A beautiful garden grows along the base of the fence. The box is made of a heavy card stock type paper. It comes filled with letters, the little red flag can move up or down. The box doesn't close as the letters are glued in. Base is 7"x9" with the edges painted in black. Green grass grows up to the dirt drive.

Spooky Graveyard Base Currently for sale!

Info coming ASAP!


$55 plus s/h based on Buyer's zip.

Peacefull Meadow Base

This one was made a joint project with my 12 year old son. 50% of sale price was a donation.

Sold via Private sale.

Surfs UP DUDE! Base

Sold via Ebay

Dressage base ~"slightly larger than SM yet not as big as a Pebble" size resins


SOLD private sale.

Stuck in the Mud Base ~Poor little calf got stuck in the mud! Pine base with mud bog, stuck calf, pine tree, and rock cropping.

Sold on Ebay.

Arena Theme Box Base Currently on Ebay!

Is it a base? Is it a carry case? It's BOTH! White base that stands about 3 inches tall and is 5 1/2 inches at the widest point on top.

Top of base has arena dirt and a little white wooden fence (fence attaches with sticky wax & also fits well inside the box). On the other side of the fence is a small grass area with 2 small pine trees.

Fits a bubble wrapped SM & white fence inside just perfect!

Arabian Desert set up. Came with small rock wall, palm tree and sand base.

Sold on ebay.


Hunter or Fall trail base. Had handmade stone wall and a number of trees.

Sold on ebay.

Ranch set up with fencing and branding fire.


Sold on ebay.

Natural hunter set up.

Sold on ebay

Canyon Base #1 & #2 Pine base with brown trim. Base is covered with canyon trail type rock/ sand/dirt terrain. Attached backdrop is made of a foam type material and has been painted to look like a canyon wall.

Both Sold on sales list.

Top: Gated entry with light up gate lights. Cobblestone street with cobblestone drive. Lawn and flowering bushes.

Bottom: "Street" side of the Entry set up.  

Sold on MXC

Stone wall along a country lane. Came on base. Pasture on one side of the wall with the dirt road on the other. Pasture side had a pine tree and flowers.

Sold on ebay.

Lipizzan Show style base.


Sold via private sale and Ebay.

Trail props on arena base.

Misc. trail set ups sold with arena base.


Both sold on ebay.

Outdoor trail bridge set up. This set even had a stream that looked like real water!

Side shows edges unfinished as buyer was allowed to pick color.

Sold on Ebay

Coon jump with base.


Sold on ebay.

Old English style street base.


Sold on sales list

Arena base with judge's booth, willow tree, and white fencing.

Sold on MXC


Multi Use Arena bases

Came with the base, dressage fence, flowers, and 3 rail fence.


Both sets sold on sales list.

Steeplechase set up.



Sold on sales list.


Halter bases.

2 styles shown.


Sold on Ebay, MXC and private sales.

Can be for details.

Dressage arena.

Styles varied.

Sold on MXC, Ebay, and sales list.


Arena w/ Judge's stand. White edges on a 9x12 rectangle pine base. Came with a summer tree, white gate, white 3 rail fence, judge's stand (gazebo style) and bushes with red berries. Arena was made of "dirt" with everything on the outside of the fencing done in grass. Trail to gate was done in dirt. None of the pieces were permanently attached for easy shipping and packing for live shows.


Sold in private sale.
Elegant gated entry.

Brick street with brick driveway. Lawn and bushes.


Sold on MXC

XCountry jump with base.

Sold on mxc


Hen House jump set up with base. Yes those are little broken eggs!!


Sold on MXC


Arena Base -  White edges on a 9x12 oval with scallop edges pine base. Comes with white arena fence. Fence is not attached for easy shipping/transport to & from live shows. Arena is made of "dirt"  That looks like it has been ridden on (is not totally smooth...looks like little canter marks near the fence).   on the outside of the fencing there is grass and bushes with mauve colored flowers.

Sold in private sale.


Street base.


Sold on Ebay.



 Beach Halter base. 3"x5" base made from pine, sides have been painted white. The top of base is a cute little beach!


Sold on Ebay.


Winter Wonderland base. 3"x5" base made from pine, sides have been painted white. Top was painted in white (with a lot of paint to give it a textured look) and has snow sprinkle glitter added to it. Small winter pine tree is not attached to the base.

Sold on Ebay.

Pasture base with white fencing.

Sold on ebay.

Finished SM tack & props
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