CM Jumps
Below is a look at some jumps I've created throughout the years.
Most are Stablemate scale, a few shown are slightly larger or Pebble scale.
Please do not copy any of my ideas ~thank you.

Harley theme Jump  ~Currently for sale

Halloween Jump    


Tinkerbell Jump


Cinderella Jump  


Coca Cola Jump



Hello Hollywood Jump

The Little Mermaid Jump

Detailed photo of the above jump

R.I.P. Pebble scale jump


Oh, What a day for Sailing

Same jump just being shown as a water jump

Viva Las Vegas (between SM & Pebble scale)


Happy Feet


Two different Under the Sea Jumps

Day of the Dead

Shark Attack

Sail Away

Garden Lattice

Everythings Bigger in TX!

Mission Wall

Royal Purple Jump

Railroad tracks - this jump had working crossing gaurd lights!

Reading and Writing

Picnic Jump

Hunter Jump


Rock Wall jumps

All Around Hunter Jump

Bright Island Lizard Jump

Leapin' Lizards

Water Jump

Moose on the Loose!

Butterfly Jump

Drama Jump

Christmas Jump

The Moon and Stars

Brick Wall

Tropical Jump