CM Trail Props
Below is a look at some of the trail props I've created throughout the years.
Please do not copy any of my ideas ~thank you.


Candyland theme

Candyland Gate, what better way to enter such a yummy place?! Trail gate made with added plastic candy. 2 cupcakes make up the flower pots!

Cute little toy trains make up the sides to this little trot over. Also came with potted matching yellow flowers.

Gum Drops and frosting make up a cute trot over. Items made of a resin type material.

Yet another candy trot over. This time resin lollipops.

Low little trail jump. Baby rocking horses make up the sides with the jump made of a material that looked like frosting.

Simple little walk over made up of gingerbread men and a pink/blue peppermints with frosting step over.

Low little trail jump. Gingerbread houses make up the sides with the jump made of pink/blue peppermints with frosting.

Candy tree, 3 matching poles, and a frosted fence made up this trot over.

When you put them together, mix and match you come up with this.....

and a first place win/NAN card!


 "Agnes Grey" owned and shown by Anne Olejniczak.

Winter/Christmas theme

Winter Wonderland set. Came with a snowflake flat bridge, 4 trot overs, and 2 snowmen (with matching flowers).

Holiday Holly set. Came with a white flat bridge with a little holly and bow on it, 4 trot overs, and 2 snowmen (with matching flowers).

Candy cane trail jump (sold with the extra poles shown so buyer could turn it into a high jump~just needed to and flags/jump number).

Halloween theme

SpOoKy Set. Came with flat black bridge with white step overs, little skeleton prop, tombstone prop, Banshee prop, 6 black/white trot overs, and a gothic trail gate with matching flower pots (and gargoyles!).

Halloween Pumpkin muli-use. Came with flat bridge, 2 pumpkin potted plants, and 2 poles. Many different ways to set this prop up!

BoO! set. 2 poles, flat bridge, potted pumpkin planters and a little ghost. Variation of the above set =)

Western theme

Low trail jump. Cowboy boot theme.

Low trail jump. Lizards were green with pink raised polka dots, potted plants, and 2 poles.

Low trail jump. Cactus and cow skull.

Water traps

Water trap. Zebra theme. Came with zebra trimmed water pool, potted plants, and 2 poles.

Water trap. White trimmed show pool with potted plants at each corner.

Wild thing set. 2 water traps. One framed in a zebra theme the other in a tiger theme.


Floral gate. White wooden working gate with little flowers, gold latch and hinges.

Long fence/gate. White wooden working gate with 2 potted flowers.

Flat Bridges

4th of July set. Flat red, white, and blue bridge with 2 American flags.

Do not enter set. White flat bridge, raised red and white step over, 2 potted plants, and 2 do not enter signs.

Picnic flat bridge. Red checkered flat bridge with little ants marching across it. 2 potted plants also came with this set up.

Zebra theme flat bridge. Zebra stripped flat bridge and 2 black/white potted plants.

Tiger theme flat bridge. Tiger stripped flat bridge and 2 black/orange potted plants.

Misc. flat bridges.

Other Misc. Props

Railroad step through. Flat bridge with raised step overs AND a railroad crossing sign that really blinked!

Road Work set up. Set of trot overs, 2 road work ahead signs, and 2 orange saw horses that flashed yellow lights!

Hansel and Grettle set up. Came with the mean witch, her gingerbread house (as a low jump), gumdrop covered with frosting flat bridge, set of green and orange trot overs, and a candy cane back through.

Pig Pen trail props.

Trail snake on small base.

Pretty in Pink raised walk over. Came with 2 matching potted plants.

Jousting Dummy complete with shield and mace. Dummy even turned if hit!