SM Bridles

* Refers to color chose of leather: brown, chestnut, natural or black.

All bits attach with sticky wax (wax not provided with tack order)

Western Type Bridles
English and Other Type Bridles

Western Bridles

Need a snaffle bit for your western bridle?
Just make a note on the order form and I'll be more than happy to do it.

Want Ca. Braid on your headstalls?
No problem, just make a note on the order form. If ordering Ca Braid option with bridles please state up to 2
colors for "braiding". Please note, when adding the California braid style to the bridles, bridles with a lot of silver will either have less braid or less silver.

*Western Show Single (slide) Ear Bridle- Has silver.

Buyer's choice of split or romal reins.

Optional addition: throatlatch.

Western Show bridle with split reins (above)

Western Show bridle with added California Braid.

Western Show bridle shown with snaffle bit.

*Western Show Double Ear Bridle- silver, throatlatch and curb bit.

Buyer's choice of split or romal reins.

*Working Western Bridle- one piece rein. No silver.
Options available:

  • Single ear style with throatlatch
  • Single ear style w/o throatlatch
  • Double ear style with throatlatch

Double ear style with throatlatch shown

*Western Hackamore- bosal style with color twisted around it (state color). Knot braid reins and lead. Has silver on headstall

Please state on order form the following: color choice for reins (pick 2 colors), color choice for bosal color (choice of: black, dark brown or cream). Single ear or double browband.

Optional addition: throatlatch.

*Beaded Western Show Single (slide) Ear Bridle- Has silver long beads with smaller seed beads. Curb bit, working buckle and split reins.

Color choice on seed beads: turquoise, red, black, hunter green, navy, silver or purple.

Special order on bead color available ~email me for details.


* breast collar listed on the accessories web page.

*Morgan/Arabian Western Show Bridle- fancy silver on both the bridle and the reins. Romal style reins.

Please state single ear or double browband.

Optional addition: throatlatch.

Sorry no photo (yet!)

* Western Gaming Bridle- add some color (up to 3) to that gymkhana horse! CA Braided bridle, on leather, limited silver. Double ear with throatlatch.

Sorry no photo (yet!)

*Western Australian Bridle- cantering off the pages of "A Man from Snowy River"! Choice of silver or gold hardware.

Sorry no photo (yet!)


English and Other Bridles

*English Bridle- plain leather with "O" ring snaffle bit. Single rein.


Upgrade option: Upgrade to a "D" ring snaffle (photo shown bottom left).

*Dressage Bridle- leather bridle w/ double reins. Snaffle/curb combo. A classic look for your mini.

Upgrade option: White trimmed browband and noseband.


*Saddleseat Bridle- double reins w/ correct bit! Solid Colored browband (please state).

Upgrade option: Colored browband with either gold (photo on bottom) or silver XX design.

*TWH Bridle- single rein, TWH style bit with "donuts". Colored nose/browband (please state).

Lipizzan Double Bridle- black leather, double reins, choice of silver or gold decorations.


Photo Credits:
English bridle -(middle right) - Clive owned by Jennifer Hunter.
Dressage bridle -
(middle photo)- owned by Anne Covey
Saddleseat bridle
-(first photo) - Southern Scandal. Owned by Lynda Ann Miller. (last photo) photo by Berit Anderson.
TWH bridle -(last photo) - owned by Anne Covey.
Lipizzan bridle - owned by Teri DeWit.