Class Items

Fencing-plastic fencing painted white. 8 1/2 inches long. 1 1/4 inches high. Light weight and great for live or photo showing. Style is an XXXX pattern and goes super in Western, English, or Halter!



Rodeo Keg Style Barrel- keg style, like those seen on the PRCA circuit . Choose one of the following labels: Coors, Coors Lite, Bud. Single barrel.

 Orange Marker Cones-use in reining, western riding, or trail set ups. Set of 4.

Keg Style Barrel-for that speed demon in your stable! Looks better for 4H or gaming set ups. Choose up to 2 colors . Set of 3.

Branding Fire- make that working western set up come alive! Burnt down fire with little orange embers (attached to board).

Dressage Fence - very classy white mini picket fence. 3-d (cube) letter marker of your choice (just let me know what letter you would like or leave blank... up to buyer).


  • 6 inch long fence
  • 7 inch long fence


Caballetti Set - Wooden pole, plastic/ rubber sides. Sold in a set of 4. White only at this time.

 Potted plants - Add a little extra to that dressage or trail set up! White flower pots with flowers. (Flower color limited to what I have in stock. Please list more than one color choice).

Photo coming soon


Polo Mallet and Ball set - Comes with mallet and small little white ball.

Parade Flags Just right for that 4th of July Parade! Or any parade in the near future for your sm scale mini. US Flag with white painted pole. Comes with flag holder. Holder is made from leather. Leather color choice of black, natural, white, dark brown, or chestnut.