SM Halters

* Refers to color choice of leather: dark brown, chestnut, natural or black.



All halters come with lead unless otherwise stated.

Arabian Show Style Halter- very thin black leather with "chain" throatlatch. State gold or silver hardware/decoration. Very delicate.

Arabian "Hollywood" Style Halter-choose up to 2 colors and they will be braided with gold. Throatlatch, matching bead, and tassel.

Andalusian Presentation Halter- leather halter with gold hardware. Color braided browband, please state 2 colors on order form.

*Drafter Halter-for your "big" mini! Made of leather.

  • W/O Bits. Mare style, no leather under chin, just chain.
  • With bits. Stallion style.

Matching surcingle also available.


Friesian Show halter - white leather bridle style halter. Has matching leather lead.

*Lightbreed Show Halter-nice for Shetlands and other showy type breeds. No throatlatch on "base model".

Added options available:

  • colored nose/browband. Please state color and if you want it on both bands, or just one.
  • with dotted or edged in second color browband
  • throatlatch adde to halter (second photo).

*Stock Halter- leather with silver hardware.

  • Adult field style Halter has no show silver
  • Adult SHOW Halter with show silver

* Foal Stock Halter- leather with silver hardware.

  • Foal field style Halter has no show silver
  • Foal SHOW Halter with show silver

Photo coming Soon

Thoroughbred Field Halter- dark brown leather "stock" style halter with "brass" name plate. Just like you would see at the TB farms! Gold hardware. Does not come with lead.



Peruvian Halter-dark brown or cream knotted braid with braided lead, some silver. Not leather, however it does look like the slick braided leathers seen on this breed's halters. Low hanging bosal style.

Photo coming Soon


Photo Credits:
Lightbreed Halter -(top) - Vermont Autumn Knight owned/photographed by Carolynne Day.