Tack Sets

Trick Riding Set- white leather western style saddle, white bridle, white breastcollar with red OR blue (please state) bead decorations, red OR blue (please state) leg wraps, white leather tie down with red and blue wrapped around the noseband. Comes with red, white and blue saddle pad (pad pattern may differ from one shown)!

*** Trick Rider NOT part of set


Packing Set- dark brown or natural colored leather packed pack saddle with saddle pad, breeching style rig. Double string girth, color string braided breastcollar, and color stock halter with lead (please state color halter and breastcollar you would like). Looks great on mules!
Photo was made by placing tacked model on scanner. Some distortion may have occurred.

Parade Set - Black leather saddle LOADED with silver. Matching breastcollar, black leather bridle with silver and silver bit. Black silver trimmed saddle pad. A crowd pleaser!

Please note styles may vary from photo shown ~I like to make each one more "one of a kind"

Full Portuguese presentation set -Gold decorations/buckles cover this set! Made from Black leather. Set has bridle, breastcollar, crupper, bull fighter style saddle, white saddle pad.

Peruvian Set- Brown leather saddle with leather flank rigging. Due to braid work the bridle is not leather. Bridle is cream colored, with "silver". White saddle pad.

Lipizzan Spanish Riding School Set- white leather saddle with black leather stirrup leathers and gold cast English style stirrups. Red velvet saddle pad trimmed in gold. Comes with double bridle (gold hardware), crupper, and breastcollar.

Racing Set- brown leather racing saddle, matching leather bridle, color pad with number. Cast stirrups. Color Choice: red, white, black, yellow, dark green, blue, or purple. (please state # and color).

  • Add option: blinker


*** Jockey NOT part of set


*Polo Set- brown leather saddle, matching bridle (pelham bit/double rein) , breastcollar, polo martingale, saddle pad, ball and mallet. Cast stirrups. Pad color choice: red, white, black, yellow, hot pink, purple, dark green, turquoise, or blue.

*** Rider NOT part of set

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Set- "Musical Ride" drill team set! English saddle with the MP saddle pad, headstall, breastcollar and tie down.


(sorry set is a little hard to see on the black model...but that is the "issued" color of horse in the RCMP drill team!)

Bareback Bucking Rig Set- brown bareback rig, flank strap and small colored pad (no color choice).

Saddle Bronc Set- western style saddle with no horn or saddle pad, flank strap, and halter with long lead.

 *** Bronc Rider NOT part of set

Bull Rig - These are for the SM Scale bulls. Currently only the following bulls:

Set has the front rigging and the flank strap. I can do it in natural (as shown in the photo) or in a dark brown.




** Cowboy does not come with set

Special order sets can always be created!! Prices will vary depending on the set. Please send description/photos/drawings via either an email or SASE for price quote (and if I can do it!).

In Memory of NYPD -sold on ebay with a % donated to the 9-11 NYPD fund.

Search and Rescue set


4-H Western Parade set.

English Sidesaddle w/ special order mauve headstall & seat.

Vaulting Set

Bless the US ~Grand Entry Set.



 Photo Credits:

Portuguese presentation set -first photo by Beth Hoffert.
Spanish Riding School set-photo by Teri DeWit.