Stephen McMillan
Data to 1-1-22
Due to lack of record keeping for the earliest prints, the totals may be plus or minus by about 50 prints.
Total number of prints claimed, (total of all editions claimed, plus any un-numbered editions): 78516
Total number of claimed prints that definitly will never be printed: 2559
Total number of prints that still could be printed from existing plates: 36024
(It is likely that many will never be printed)
Total of prints that have been printed: 42540
Total printed by artist: 22695
Total printed by master printers: 19845

Total etchings done: 384---- Total etching plates done: 673

Total lithographs done: 25 ----Total litho stones or plates done: 97

Total other types of prints done: 7---- Total blocks, etc done: 9

Total of all prints done: 416---- Total plates, etc done: 779