The use of creep-etches to create an image.

For this print I used a series of 8 creep-etches over 7 paint-outs to create the image.

The diagram for the first creep-etch.
The diagram for the fifth creep-etch.
The photo used for this print, a view east from the Hwy 20 bridge to Fidalgo Island.
The diagram for the second creep-etch.
The diagram for the sixth creep-etch.

The etch record diagram I used to keep track of the progress of the work on this plate.

The left column is for each etch and the right column is the cumulative times.

The diagram for the third creep-etch.

The finished print, (reversed to match the creep-etch diagrams), with notations for each of the 8 etches used to create it.

The collected etch times and individual creep-etch diagrams are shown to the right.

To see my article about the details of how to do a creep-etch, click here.

The diagram for the seventh creep-etch.
A few other examples of multiple creep-etches are: Mt Hood, Tatoosh Range, and January Snow.
The diagram for the fourth creep-etch.
The diagram for the eighth creep-etch.