Carp Drawing

When I lived by Golden Gate Park, (Fall 1975 to Summer 1977), I was a frequent visitor to The Conservatory of Flowers and took many photographs there. This carp seemed to own the reflecting pool. I particularly enjoyed the way it interacted with the reflections of the building and plants.

Other prints from this greenhouse are: Conservatory Carp, Carp Drawing, hand colored, Entwined Leaves, Entwined Leaves, hand colored, Koi, Leaf Rhythms, Leaf Rhythms, hand colored, Leaves, Papyrus and Fern, Papyrus and Fern, hand colored, Passage, Philodendron, Philodendron, hand colored, Reflections and Carp, and Reflections and Carp, hand colored.

Printed on Lana Paper
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