Vernal Fall, 1 plate edition

In the summer of 1988 I hiked the John Muir Trail, which travels 221 miles from Yosemite Valley to the summit of Mount Whitney. I took photographs along the trail and over the next year and a half did a suite of 17 etchings of this Sierra Nevada backpack.

We started our backpack from Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley in late June. The trail climbs into the high counrty beside the Merced River. In just over a mile we were below one of the grand water falls of this valley. The early summer run-off burst from the granite cliffs.

Vernal Fall is the color version. A winter view of this fall is Vernal Falls.

#1 Vernal Fall

Vernal Fall, 1 plate edition
#2 Moonrise Over Cathedral Range
#3 Alpine Sunset, Donohue Pass
#4 Marmot
#5 Morning Reflections, Thousand Island Lake
#6 Corn Lily
#7 Wind on the Water
#8 Pine Needles and Lichens on Granite
#9 Alpen Glow, Evolution Basin
#10 Wanda Lake
#11 Little Pete Meadow
#12 Rain
#13 Rae Lakes
#14 Mountain Light, Junction Peak
#15 Distant Horizons
#16 Sunset, Bighorn Plateau
#17 Summer Storm, Mount Whitney
Printed on Arches Cover Paper
Trail Shoes
Trail Shoes, hand colored
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