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World War I WebQuest

"The War To End All Wars"  

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The WWI WebQuest is designed to help you answer the essential question "What is it like to be in a conflict". You will use primary sources to explore the experience of different participant's roles in World War I and what it may have been like to have been in 'their shoes'. As you examine the role and perspective of each of these participants, you will:

[Stage 1]
Synthesize an understanding of how war affected your particular participant's viewpoint and experience of this war.
[Stage 2]:
Share this understanding with a larger group comprised of all the different types of participants, in order to be able to write an analysis and response to the essential question.
[Stage 3]:
Provide a group presentation, to the rest of the class, to help all of us understand "What is it like to be in a conflict".

In order to begin the World War I WebQuest, click on the image of the participant you are assigned to study. Once at that page, follow the instructions listed there as you explore the three-sets of primary sources.
Remember, you are exploring these pages in order to answer the question "What is it like to be a participant in a conflict".

A teacher's guide [Unit of Practice] and the student worksheets can be found at

soldier's experience

pilot's experience

nurse/medic's experience


leader/officer's experience


experience of civilians in the war zone

journalist's experience


experience from the homefront

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from the Canadian poster: Bonds - "Back Him Up!" located at < >
The Provincial Museum of Alberta <>

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The World War 1 WebQuest can now also be found at
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