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"Are we preparing kids for our past or their future?"
[Dr. David Thornbird]


I.  World War 1 WebQuest

The WWI WebQuest is designed to help you answer the essential question "What is it like to be in a conflict". You will use primary sources to explore the experience of different participant's roles in World War I and what it may have been like to have been in 'their shoes'.

[Stage 1] Synthesize an understanding of how war affected your particular participant's viewpoint and experience of this war.
[Stage 2]: Share this understanding with a larger group comprised of all the different types of participants, in order to be able to write an analysis and response to the essential question.
[Stage 3]: Provide a group presentation, to the rest of the class, to help all of us understand "What is it like to be in a conflict".

II.  Homework Page

This is the homework page for the Barry Sovel's Social Studies courses at Casa Grande High School. In addition to the daily homework assignments and support sheets, it will include information for students and parents about larger program expecations and resources to support theses activities.
III. CUE: Connecting technology and Curriculum
Leroy Finkel Fellowship Samples page
Anaheim CUE Presentation Notes

IV. Global Connections Curricular Guide:

This curriculum guide has been designed with several objectives in mind.
  • to provide a set of annotated links by subject and area to support connecting telecommunications to the classroom.
  • to assist research both by subject and by types of search engine
  • to provide the major download sites to help get and keep your system up to the levels of ease and output available
  • and most of all, to give you some fun and meaty places to begin your introduction to the Internet

V.  On-line Internet and Computer Instructions sheets

These step-by step lessons are designed to introduce you to different aspects of using the Internet, browsers, email, search engines and more.

 VI. Prealgebra support and related word problems

World History Syllabus [1999-2000]

VIII. Lesson and unit content
more sample lessons

IX. University Of San Diego Syllabus
X. Complex Instruction/California International Studies Project support materials
Evaluation Rubrics

Analysis of student work activity

The Cost of War, The Price of Peace
WW1 overview
Round 1
Team observation note sheet

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