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"Splendid Isolation"
This tree is located on the east side of Patriarch Grove at 11,200 ft. of elevation, is one of the most picturesque of all bristlecones in the White Mts. The winds can be extreme at this location, and the day this image was taken, they were blowing at a steady 50 mph. Standing alone in a field of dolomite one can only guess at how many seasons it has endured. One thing is certain - it will be here long after we living today have passed on.

Old trees "Along Methuselah Walk"

These trees located in Methuselah Grove are on a steep slope and in an area where trees reach 3000 - 4000 years of age. Very old trees are typically squat and gnarled, with many dead branches and large areas of exposed wood. In this grove, scientists have found several pieces of deadwood lying on the ground for more than 7000 years!

"Colossal Ghost"

Another view of this most impressive tree found along the Discovery Trail at Schulman Grove.

ghost tree

strip bark "Strip of Life"

This bristlecone found along Methuselah Trail is vibrant and growing strong yet it is only supported by the strip of bark seen on the lower right side of the trunk.