Because the Ancient Bristlecone Forest is such a special place, everything possible must done to preserve its fragile and irreplaceable environment. This area has been classified as a Botanical Area and is set aside for scientific research and public enjoyment. The following are rules established by the U.S. Forest Service:

  1. All natural features are protected. No wood, rocks, or plant material may be removed. Each piece of wood, regardless how small, maybe of great importance in the scientific research of the Bristlecone Pine. Scientific permits are required to collect plant or rock specimens.

  2. Archaeological sites are a vital record of the past. Disturbing sites of artifacts destroys these traces of cultural history and is unlawful.

  3. Because of fire danger and soil compaction, all camping, stove use outside vehicles, and campfires are prohibited.

  4. To prevent tire track damage which remains on the landscape for years, vehicles are to drive only on established open roads. Park in designated areas or stop as close to the road edge as possible.

  5. Bristlecone Pine tree roots are shallow and easily damaged by impact and soil erosion. Hikers must remain on trails at Schulman and Patriarch Groves:
    Do not short-cut trail switchbacks.