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20 01 2007

Sat, 20 Jan 2007

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
My wife and I just watched An Inconvenient Truth, and in case you think Global Warming isn't happening or maybe you are just on the fence about it, this movie will surely convince you. I thought it might be full of anecdotal evidence and twisted interpretations (Gore is, after all, a politician) of data, but in fact I was impressed with Gore's presentation which included lots of raw data and explanations of what the data means.

Of course, you could be someone like a co-worker my wife mentioned the movie to. When data describing global temperatures going back 650,000 years (extracted from ice cores in the antarctic) was mentioned to him, he responded, "Well, IF you believe the earth is that old...". This guy lives in Colorado, and not knowing anything else about him, he sounds like a science-retarded fundamentalist Christian. Sigh.

Anyway, the movie has spurred me to be even more energy conscious than I already am, and it got me to go out and replace all of the incandescent bulbs we have with compact flourescent bulbs. I had previously been waiting for a bulb to go out before replacing it, but that strategy was failing due to the more-or-less zero failure rate of the light bulbs around here - probably because I'm turning them off all the time! Next up will, I think, be a closer look at the doors and other possible cracks around the house to see how well they're sealed up.

One day I'd like to have a solar roof with a plug-in hybrid, but today the reality is that even for just the solar roof part, we don't use enough energy to make it worth the cost. The cost of a system has to come down some before it is worth it. Hopefully by that time, they'll have the bugs worked out of the plug-in hybrid cars, and I'll be good to go.

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