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Welcome to Windsor Senior Computer User's Group   

The PC Computer Users Group is a very informal group
of computer enthusiasts and anyone who is interested in computers is welcome.
   There is a wide variety of experience. Come and share experiences and network 
and learn about resources. 

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Updated 3-12-18

   Current Newsletter for Computer Users' group March, 2018
         Upcoming meeting of Windsor Senior Computer PC Users' Group is Monday, March 12, 2018 and our speaker will be Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant and Board of Directors WSCUG member,  who will be discussing/demonstrating from 2:00 - 4:00 pm  "The Smart Home".  Jim has been installing and using some of the new 'Smart Home' devices and will share his experiences with us.    A General Q/A period will be from 1:00 - 2:00pm and Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant and Ms Andrea Antonik, Consultant, will talk about Smartphone Tricks and Tips comments.  Come, enjoy, learn and network.  Bring your questions or send them ahead of time.  We are very fortunate to have such a knowledgeable speaker.   Hope to see you all.  We are a PC group, but some software and topics will be appropriate for Macs as well.

               Next Monthly meeting of Drop-in PC Computing Help will be Monday, March 26, 2018,  2:00 - 4:00 pm.  Seniors can drop by the Senior Center, first come/first serve, and will receive one/one opportunity to get their problems, questions and projects addressed.  Bring your laptop to work on or a list of inquiries for Jim Tubb, or Andrea Antonik, Coordinators to answer.  Windows 7, 8/8.1 and 10 will be spoken here.  Also Smartphone questions will be addressed.  No registration necessary. Good opportunity for questions on new equipment including smartphones. 
              For more information on the classes at the Senior Center, contact the Windsor Senior Center  (707 838-1250) or go to web site         ______________________________________________________________________________________                  

Current schedule for Main Computer activities at the Windsor Senior Center click here.

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"The Smart Home" Presentation by Mr. Jim Tubb, Consultant, 3/12/18, see  pdf handout.
Smartphone Tips and Tricks - "Talk to Your Phone" presented to WSCUG by Mr. Jim Tubb and Ms Andrea Antonik, 2/12/18, pdf handout.

Smartphone Tips and Tricks - "How to Send text messages" presented to WSCUG by Mr. Jim Tubb and Ms Andrea Antonik, 1/18, pdf handout

Smartphone Tips and Tricks - "Organizing Your Apps" presented to WSCUG by Mr. Jim Tubb and Ms Andrea Antonik, 12/11/17, pdf handout.

Santa Rosa JC Adults Program Genealogy Flyer for Spring 2018 class, pdf handout., Revision of same - pdf handout

Smartphone Tips and Tricks - "How to silence your phone"  presented to WSCUG by Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, 11/13/17, pdf handout
        There is an additional update handout sent out by Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer on Smartphone Tips and Tricks, "Emergencies 11/13/17, pdf handout

"More Facebook and Instagram"  9/11/17 Presentation Ms Erin Stroud,  Recreation Program Supervisor, Windsor Senior Center , pdf handout

Smartphone Tips and Tricks - "How your smartphone can save your life in an Emergency"  presented to WSCUG by Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, 9/11/17, pdf handout.

"Amazon Email Phishing Scam", 9/08/ 17, Ms. Andrea Antonik, pdf handout.

"Are You Smarter Than Your Smart Phone?"  8/14/17  Mr. Jim Tubb, Computer Consultant, pdf handout.

Genealogy - Fall 2017 flyer GENEALOGY - 8/1/17, pdf handout

"Common Internet Browser Mistakes"  7/10/17 Mr. Ross Guistino, System Administrator and Computer Consultant  presented this pdf handout and power point handout

"The Blue Screen of Death"  AARP Bulletin, July-August 2017, p.22-23,   Thanks to Ed Naslund

"Internet of Things (IoT)"    6/12/17 Mr. Al Loebel, Computer Specialist, Healdsburg Senior Center, presented this.  Updated pdf handout.
    "Smarter homes open to more risk", San Francisco Chronicle, 06-19-17 .  Thanks to Al Loebel for sending this with message
    "Thought this would be of interest.  It pretty much mirrors everything my presentation said last week."  pdf handout

"Keeping your System Healthy" 5/8/17 Mr. Juan Pulido, IT, Portola Systems presented this- pdf handout,   Power Point handout

"Windows 10 Creators Edition Update"  5/8/17 Jim Tubb presented this - pdf handout.

"VPN - Virtual Private Network"  6/12/17  Jim Tubb presented this - pdf handout.

"Telematrics - Connected Car"  4/10/17  Mr. Hari Dhaliwal, Professor and owner Drive Rite, Windsor - Power Point handout

AARP Bulletin March 1620, 2017   "Scam-Speak "  Learn the terms that con artists use --  and beware -   See pdf handout.  Thanks to Andrea  Antonik

"Printing from Gmail's Web Interface" - 4/10/17 - Ms. Andrea Antonik - pdf handout

Update to Windows Tips and Tricks series - started 1/11/16   Handout., Jim Tubb 3/13/17 pdf handout of Sleep and Hibernate .                    

"Real vs Fake Anti-Virus Software"  2/13/17 Mr. Ross Guistino, Consultant, pdf handout

Genealogy - Revised Spring 2017 flyer GENEALOGY - 2/13/17, pdf handout

Genealogy -Family History Fair January 21, 2017, Flyer, also see 

"Browser Hijacking Malware" 1/9/17 Mr. Ross Guistino Comments, pdf handout

"Kick Cable to the Curb" 10/10/16 Mr. Jim Tubb Presentation, pdf handout

"Buying a new TV?  It's more complex than you think."  9/12/16  Mr. Al Loebel Presentation,  pdf handout
        Power point handout

Synopsis of Eric Skagenberg Utilities/presentation 8-8-16:  Handout by Ross and Donna

Flyer for Fall, 2016 For Beginning Genealogy, SRJC Older Adults Program, to be given at SR Family History Center, Click here.  9/19/16 Revised schedule.  Click here

Chromebook - Basics, Aug.8th, 2016  Donna Crawford  Handout

Windows 10 Anniversary Update Notes - August 8th, 2016 - Jim Tubb  Handout

"Security Update:  Social Media, Mobile devices and Windows 10" - 8/8/16  Mr. Eric Skagerberg Presentation 
  Tracking blocker -

PC Essentials - File Organization, Simple Backup and Hardware Cleanup - 7/11/16  Mr. Ross Guistino Presentation  pdf handout

        Power point handout.

Facebook 101 - 6/13/16 Web site for Facebook 101

Santa Rosa Family History Center - 4/11/16    Links and Information

Avoiding Windows 10 update - 3-14-16  Handout - Mr. James Tubb

Family Discovery Day - March 12, 2016 - See Poster

Getting to Know Windows 10 - 2/8/16 - Mr. James Tubb Presentation

Flyer for "Genealogy for Beginners"  SRJC Older Adults Program, Free, 01/19/16 - 3/15/16 , Tuesday 1:30 - 3:00 pm

High Tech Computer Crime and Identity Theft - 1/11/16
        Computer Group Questions  

Windows Tips and Tricks series  - starting 1/11/16  Handout
                     Ross Guistino, 4/11/16 handout of Adding Items., new handout of series plus Jim Tubb, 9/12/16 handout of screenshots
                     Jim Tubb 11/14/16 handout of Jump lists.

Introduction to Windows 10 - 10/12/15 - Mr. James Tubb Presentation
           Introduction to Windows 10 - pdf handout
           Introduction to Windows 10 - Power Point handout       

  Introduction to Image Editing - 9/14/15 - Mrs. Donna Crawford Presentation
           Introduction to Image Editing HO - pdf handout
           Corrections to Image Editing HO 

Searching, Organizing and Backing Up Documents - 7/13/15 - Mr. Ross Guistino Presentation.
           Power Point Handout
            pdf handout.

Windows 10 Information - Started 6-13-15 and updated periodically

Introduction to Cord Cutting - 3-9-15  Mr. Jim Tubb Presentation - "That's Entertainment"


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