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Know Your Republicans

(WASH. POST) 8/02=We want to spotlight a Top Republican. He's Richard Dasen, of Kalispell, Montana. He owns a finance company and a bank. He donates heavily to Pat Robertson's Christian Coalition, and wants to outlaw abortion for any reason. He's a church elder. He helped finance a new ski resort, a hospital, and a hotel. The local CofC gave him an award for all his wonderful patriotism.

Then the ball dropped: Dasen was caught with a 16 year-old girl in a cheap motel. Guess what? She ain't the only one. Kalispell Police theorize there's at least 40 more.

It gets worse: Dasen financed a business that the CofC didn't know about. It's a Methamphetamine manufacturing plant. Every one of the girls that he's been sleeping with is hooked on the stuff.

Police say it worked this way: The girls borrowed money from Dasen's savings and loan. In exchange, they had to agree to do a quickee romp with Dason. Afterwards, the girls used the money to but the Meth. The factory cooks it up cheaply, sells it at retail, and gives all the profits right back to Dasen. Man, it's a win-win situation!

Police figure this has been going on for years, judging from the psychotic condition of the girls, and have seized Dasen's numerous bank accounts along with his his savings and loan.

This, in turn has unleashed a hoard of girls with no way to get their drugs. The crime rate in Kalispell has escalated off the charts as these girls do anything to get their fix! And, rest assured, since this ain't a Marijuana story, the DEA could care less.

Think Dasen will do time? Here's a preview: He's currently free, on a very low-priced $50,000 bond, and is vacationing with his wife in Arizona.


Hello Canada!

(Globe and Mail, Canada)=Canadian Police and Emergency Room Doctors are alarmed at just how quickly Crystal Methamphetamine has spread in just 2 years. Violent crime is way up, and has a direct link to a drug that sells for less than a pack of cigs on the streets.

Douglas Culver, head cheeze of RCMP drug unit sez: "There's no recreational use for Meth. You can't use it occasionally. It's like a disease. Use it once, and you're hooked."

Here's the statistics for Canadians addicted on Meth in the last 2 years: BC: Up 50%; Manitoba: Up 141%; Quebec: UP 457%; and Saskatchewan UP a whopping: 857% !!

Not suprising, says RCMP, since the cooking directions are on the internet and you can manufacture it quickly and cheaply. Marajuana takes months to grow, which makes it unprofitable.

Unlike the USA, RCMP added 26 officers this year to target one drug: METH. Still, RCMP is worried. Sez Doug: "In 6 years, USA Meth Lab busts shot up from 1,627 to 9,763. And it's coming our way."

The article goes on to document some of the more exciting shenanigans of the average Canadian Meth user, such as:

*The man who severed his baby toe with a serrated kitchen knife so he could get another hit.

*A man ripping out wires from a car because he thought listening devices were controlling his thoughts.

* Or our favorite: a man in a female dressing gown, running around on his roof with a meat cleaver, trying to kill the "shadow people."


Biker Chick With Imbedded X-Rated Radio Station

(PD) 6/06=Once a year, 1000's of bikers head out to a nearby campground to participate in The Redwood Run. Half way there, and Julie Banaga, on her 3rd day of a Methamphetamine high, began to freak out. Whoever she was riding with apparently got tired of her, pulled over his bike, ordered her to dismount, and sped away.

That's when Julie found her true self, and ran across the 101 Freeway, coming to a halt in the slower lane of traffic. There she began to unbutton her blouse, her pants, and anything else that covered her.

Motorists and CHP officers thought it was a message from heaven; a dream come true...right there in front of them. But it wasn't. It was Julie hallucinating that: "the buttons on her clothing were laced with transmitters." No word if the transmitters were AM or FM, if they were licensed, or if the FCC was getting involved in this. Stay tuned for further details....


Man Steals Enough Explosives To Kill Thousands Of Innocent Bystanders

(KTVU, KGO, KRON-TV) 7/08=We're using this as a test case to expose some of the lazy and irresponsible TV news media in San Francsico. (Exception to the rule is KRON)

Wooried about Arab terrorists? How about home grown American terrorists?

Congratulations, Michael Allan. He's had a long history of Shooting it up with Meth. and being violent. Way back in 1988 he was convicted for stealing van #1 and shooting it up. He did 2 years in prison for that. In 1992, he violated parole by shooting it up and being violent, so he did another 5 year prison term.

Now he's been out of prison an estimated 3 years. So he steals van #2, and breaks into a secret storage bunker near Crystal Springs Reservoir that houses explosives used by the San Francisco Police Department, the San Mateo County Sheriff's office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He steals---get this---a whopping 200 pounds of explosives, enough to blow up an entire block, a suspension bridge, or any shopping mall of your choosing.

In addition to the explosives, authorities found electric and non-electric blasting caps, various types of detonator cord, smokeless powder, grenades and grenade-type devices, assorted ammunition, binary explosives, and C-4 military explosives, but no rap CD's by 50 Cent.

Speculation is that Allan was attempting to sell the explosives to the highest bidder to pay for more Meth, but we suspect that after so many years of shooting it up, he's crazy enough to do his own explosions on whoever he hates this week.

Of course, we have to ask why the FBI and other law enforcement organizations need to store any explosives at all, but the Methamphetamine angle was totally overlooked, and most likely will continue to be overlooked by lazy news agencies Federal law enforcement officials who would rather concentrate on non-violent Medical Marajuana users.


KRON: A+ for mentioning Meth. in the 2nd paragraph of their coverage.

KTVU: D for using the blanket word "drugs" 3 times in a separate story; Meth mentioned once at the very end.

KGO: F for no mention at all of Allan's priors.


Proof That Marijuana Is NOT The Gateway Drug As Meth Use Soars

(AP) 7/22=Congratulations Quest Diagnostics. Since 1997, they've been testing exactly what drugs are being used in the workplace. Guess what? Methamphetamine use is up a whopping 68% nationwide in one (1) year! The reason, they conclude, is the ease of making the drug, and the phenominal rate of addiction, which yields guaranteed return customers.

Another interesting part of this report: The total amount of Medical Marijuana users remained steady throughout the 7 year testing, thereby proving that Marijuana is NOT a gateway drug, and that its users generally stay with the Marijuana.

Be sure and quote this 7 year study the next time you hear some Government head rationalize the millions spent every year to eliminate Marijuana plants.


Meth Claims It's Youngest Victim

(AP) 4/04=Congratulations Kern County Deputy Coroner, John Van Rensselaer. He broke down in tears as he clutched a large stuffed teddy bear that was on top of a small casket. In the casket is the youngest Methamphetamine victim ever. He's so young that he doesn't even have a name.

Autopsy results show that "John Doe" had a hell of a time attempting to stay alive while he was in his Mother's womb. Doctors theroize that the baby must have been in sheer agony before it died, kicking and suffering in a tomb for 7 or 8 long months while his Ma shot it up with Meth routinely.

The baby was dead when it came out in a bloody mess, more bloody than ususal from the sores, open wounds, and malformed brain. Mexican farmworkers found the abandoned baby's lifeless body in an irrigation canal near Bakersfield.

The Deputy Coroner took it personal and spared no expense in giving it a proper funeral, and is actively trying to discover who the parents are. No fundies attended the funeral, since this is not a Gay story, and no Federal agency offered help, since this does not involve Marijuana.

Goodby John, you'll have a better life up there...we hope. Maybe somebody up there even cares.


Arkansas Meth Use Up 1000 Percent And Rising

(PEOPLE) 2/04=Congratulations: Sheriff Jim Bishop of Jackson County, Arkansas. It used to be his jail was pretty much like the one depicted on "The Andy Griffith Show"---a drunk in one cell, a shoplifter in another. Not now.

These days it sounds like an insane asylum. The 28 cells are overfilled with Methamphetamine dealers, cookers, and users. The screams go on all night, every night, says the sheriff, as some of the the criminals halucinate spiders crawling over their body. Then there's the excruciating pain. Their teeth are rotting away from the Meth.

Ever have a tooth ache? How about 5 teeth aching, and all at the same time!

You want figures? The good sheriff says in 2000, less than 4% were in jail for being violent and on Meth. In 2004, it's now a whopping 75%, and climbing! It's also getting closer. In recent weeks, the sheriff has arrested one of his own deputies, and even a member of his own family.

The figures grow even more dramatic on the amout of labs cooking up the Meth. Arkansas State Drug Agent Danny Ramsey says 10 years ago, they busted 6 Meth labs. In 2003, that number is up to a staggering 1,000. His comment: "For every Meth lab we shut down, 4 more spring up."

To show the scope of the problem, it's not just one small town in Arkansas. It's spreading like wildfire all across the south and midwest, with no help from the Feds, other than a truckload of Anti-Marijuana TV spots from Partnership For A Drug Free America. Gee, thanks, guys!


Duke&Banner Take On The Sonoma County Grand Jury:
Due to Meth Use, Amount Of "Mentally ill" Jail Population Up 59 Percent

(PD) 7/14=What would you say if 12 Grand Jury members did an in-depth investigation this year on our local jail population, then ignored the obvious? If we are to believe their report, from the year 2000 to 2003, or a matter of 3 years, the Sonoma County Jail mentally ill population increased by a whopping 59%.

Gee, was it in the water? Did a witch wave a magic wand? Was Sonoma County visited by mean space aliens? Don't laugh! There's a total lack of substance of this stupid grand jury report.

It is a matter of fact that many mentally ill people are created, not born. People don't become criminals overnight, it takes a 2-3 years of heavy Meth use before they start hallucinating and become violent. Eventually they end up in jail; talking to themselves; hallucinating serpents and spiders; and in this case, becoming the subject of a grand jury report.

The report more or less proves that the Meth trade is going like gangbusters in Sonoma County, under the Sheriff and the Grand Jury's nose. But then, why would the Grand Jury want to investigate that?

Of course, there'a also a positive outcome to this story. In a separate Grand Jury investigation, there were four citizens this year who died while high on Meth and under police custody. And we quote:

1) A man died from a 'DRUG' overdose from a traffic stop.
2) A jailed inmate died of a 'DRUG' overdose while in his cell.
3) An arrestee died of a 'DRUG' overdose before he was booked.
4) A man committed suicide after his car was pulled over for a burned out taillight.

In the case of #2, it's interesting to note that apparently Meth has no problem making its way into the jail. In the case of all of the above, we won't have to pay for a trial, saving Sonoma County lots of bucks! And it was so nice for the Grand Jury to use the "D" word instead of specifying the actual drug, which was Meth.

We can just imagine lots of little old ladies and elderly gentlemen reading this report and thinking that any man with long hair probably smokes Marijuana, and therefore is a criminal.

There ought to be a law against stupid Grand Jury members like this, feeding lies and half-truths to the citizens it supposedly represents!

What A Bunch O' Bums!


Supreme Court Gives You A Gift

(KTVU) 6/21=Even though many states have voted to legalize the use of Medical Marijuana, The Supremes recently made a decision, which makes it legal for the DEA to bust into your house and arrest individual citizens if they suspect that you're growing Marijuana to relieve your pain. Fearing a backlash by the public and various news organizations, the DEA quickly issued a statement that they "weren't interested in harrassing lower level individuals."

A week later, however, Special Agent Gordon Taylor of the DEA organized a coalition of agents from the IRS, DEA, and even the Secret Service (which is supposed to be in charge of protecting President Bush). He issued a statement: "We will not turn a blind eye to serious and flagrant disrespect of Federal Law."

He then busted down the front door of Dr. Marion Fry's office, who is a licensed MD in the small town of Cool California, and had been helping terminally ill patients with major pain. DEA agents then visited Fry's home, where they arrested her husband for growing 100 Marijuana plants in their basement.

Dr. Fry argued that the Marijuana was only for her patients who were in pain. She also explained that the nearest State Authorized Dispensery was 80 miles away, so it was necessary for some patients who couldn't travel.

DEA agents balked, and took delight in destroying the plants. They arrested the pair, totally ignoring any violent Methamphetamine addicts in or near the town of Cool. Feel protected?


Local Law Enforcement Agencies Corner The Feds and yell: "It's The METH, Stupid!"

(CSM) 7/21=While the DEA is having a field day harassing non-violent Marijuana growers and users in California, local law enforcement group across the country have banded together and are urging the feds to finally get serious on Methamphetamine, calling it: "an epidemic."

Out of 500 law enforcement agencies polled, a whopping 87% state that Meth is their MAIN drug problem, directly connected to major increases in robberies, burglaries, domesict violence, assaults, identy thefts, counterfeiting, and child neglect.

In Oregon recently, a 16 month old toddler in diapers was found walking along a busy road. The parents had been sleeping for 2 days, having come down from their Meth high.

In another Oregon incident, a half dozen girls at Waldo Middle School have a job. Selling their bodies for sex to get their drug of choice---Meth.

Another huge problem, says the locals, is the toxic chemicals left behind. For every pound of useable Meth, 5 to 7 pounds of poisonous residue is left behind. If it's in a building, it may have to be torn down. If it's left on the ground, it poisons the water table.

Cornered by the pleas for help, the feds are finally acknowledging that Meth is on the increase, but refuse to stop their harassment of Marijuana users. In stead, they will ask Congress for more money to increase their harassment, some of which will bleed over into helping local law enforcement with their Methamphetamine problems. Feel Protected?


Toothless In Missouri

PD 8/02=Dentists in rural areas of Missouri say it's an epidemic: Teeth are rotting away. It even has a name: "Meth Mouth." It advances so quickly, that teenagers are now having full mouth extractions. "The destruction is so complete that it looks like they took a sledgehammer to their mouth," says Dr. Jeffery Paskar, of Springfield.

In Cape Girardeau, Dr. John Sauer had a 16 year old patient that went from 1 cavity to a whopping 18 cavities, all bunched together along the gum line in just over a year.

Dr. James Russell says: an average of 1 in 3 patients that walk into the dental clinic where he's employed are diagnosed with Meth Mouth. Says Dr. Russell: "They don't admit it until you tell them that there's a bad, and sometimes lethal drug interaction with numbing agents, such as Lidocaine."

Dr. Gail Redman has had 26 years of experience as a dentist. But, when she saw he first Meth Mouth victim, it left her in shock. In the first stage, a tooth turns coal black, but in the second stage, it's quite alarming to see and smell as many as a dozen teeth that all need emergency extractions because the patient can't stand the pain.

Speaking of numbing agents, the wait to see a dentist can be a long one if you're in prison. That's why Rodney Rogers, an inmate in nearby Lansing Kansas Correctional Facility, decided to do his own dental work...without any numbing agent. Some he yanked out with the aid of a plastic knife. On the ones he couldn't get out, he repeatedly poked a sharp needle into his gums in an attempt to sever the nerves. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

We thought we'd include a picture of Meth Mouth, so you can all see what a a 28 year old man's teeth look like. Think anything's salvageable?


Congratulations Canada

AP 10/04=Canada is on the fundys list of places their God hates. Not only did they legalize the use of Marijuana, but they made gays equal.

Here's another tip o' the hat to Canada. Starting next year, if you get caught selling or cooking up Methamphetamine, you're looking at the an extended tour of life in prison. Sez their Health Minister Ujjal Dosanjh: "The stiff penalty matches the risk that the drug poses to the health and safety of all Canadians. This drug is responsible for ruining too many lives, and it's time we did something about it."