Meth Horror Stories:

While The Federal Drug Czar harps about Medical Marijuana and tries to link it to terrorists in the Middle East, we pulled these LOCAL STORIES OF TERROR right outta da news. While the Feds continue to arrest and incarcerate non-violent people who sell products like glass pipes, they have yet to even mention the existence of Methamphetamine or PCP. Are they purposely encouraging the use of harder drugs? Or is this just some bizarre plan that rids the USA of people who would never vote for Republicans?

Warning: These true stories are not for the squeamish!


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(AP) 10/03 = Congratulations: Rap Star BIG LURCH of Compton, California. He took his roomate (a woman with 2 kids) and grabbed a butcher knife. He stabbed her in the chest, repeatedly. Then he sliced her chest open. Next, he ripped out her right lung and placed it tastefully on the coffee table. Police were called when neighbors discovered BIG LURCH hanging out in the street, nude...and very bloody. Officers noted that BIG LURCH'S mouth was the bloodiest part of his whole body. It took 4 officers to wrestle BIG LURCH to the pavement and handcuff him. In the patrol car, BIG LURCH continued to scream incoherently. (Or was he uttering the lyrics to one of his new Hip-Hop compositions?)

Deciding to check up on Tynish Yasis (that's BIG LURCH'S roomate) the officers entered the house. There on the coffee table, displayed ever so tastefully, was her lung. But that's not what shocked them the most.

Officers winced and turned their heads as they noted that the lung had BIG LURCH'S teeth marks all over it. As it turns out, BIG LURCH chewed and actually swallowed a few pieces of her lung before he ripped off his clothes and went outside to hang-out in the street.

I guess that makes Ms. Yasis BIG LURCH'S Ex-roomate.

Here's the clincher: BIG LURCH'S lawyer says it's not BIG LURCH'S fault, because he was hallucinating on PCP, better known as Angel Dust, and was insane at the time of the murder. let's put this guy in a drug rehab program. I'm sure he'll be cured of his habit in a week or two!

Also, please note that the DEA could care less about this incident. They could help out local police in finding out just who BIG LURCH'S drug dealer is, and if there are more customers who purchased the Angel Dust. But no, it's not Marijuana, so they don't care!

Which leads us to a proposed album by BIG LURCH, featuring some really good Hip-Hop versions of Broadway Show Tunes and Pop Oldies! We suspect it will be a big seller for Big Lurch's record label: Death Row Records:

"Live From San Quentin: It's DA BIG LURCH Himself."

1. "I'm Gonna Wash Dat Blood Right Outta My Hair."
"Oh, What A Beautiful Lung Piece."
"The Lungs Are Alive With The Sound Of Chewing."
"Yummie Yummie Yummie, I Got Lungz In Da Tummy."
"Every Breath U Take, Every Move Your Lungz Make...I'll Be Eating You."
"I'm Just Munching Along With Da Breeze."
"For Your Precious Lung, Meanz Mor 2 Me."
"Fool Dat I Am...For Eating Too Much Of U."
"Whenever I Want Ya, All I Have To Do...Iz Chew..Chew Chew Chew."
"Only Women (ho's?) Bleed."



(Press Democrat) 2/04 = Congratulations: Fred Goody. He drives a 40-Ton, 18 Wheel Peterbuilt for a living. Last year he took his kid and his girlfriend on a trek from his home in Iowa. His job: to deliver the goods, undamaged, in his fully loaded truck to a company in San Jose California.

Not new to his drug of choice: Methamphetamine, he took an ample supply. His 4th day without sleep found him charging down I-5 near the town of Willows at speeds reaching 90 MPH. He was hallucinating that gargoyles were out to get him and his kid. (Believe me, we aren't making this up!)

It was just out of Willows that Goody met up with 2 local kids from Sonoma County. Donald Perrot (24) and Caitlin Byrd (22) were in a tiny Honda Civic when Goody smashed into them from behind. They unfortunately were only going the legal speed limit if 55. The Peterbuilt crushed the Honda, killing Donald instantly. Autopsy results show that Caitlin was alive for some time after the crush, but paramedics couldn't rescue her. She died a slow, agonizing death. Why? Because Goody continued to hallucinate, and held a shotgun, aiming it sometimes at the Honda, other times at paramedics.

Here's the clincher: After a year of gathering evidence, the local DA is stymied. The prosecution tried to argue that it is a case of cold-blooded murder, especially since Goody prevented the rescue of poor, tortured Caitlin. But deciding his hands were tied, the DA will now argue for lesser sentence.

Here again, the DEA could have helped the investigation, but declined because it ain't about some meek defenseless hippie smokin' weed.

Goody will serve a lesser sentence of 16 years in prison; allowed parole in 8, where he can continue his Methamphetamine habit and quest for more Gargoyles. He'll be headed for a freeway near you!


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but first:



The User:

1. Gets hooked on the stuff in the first month of use. It's 100 times more addictive than marijuana, alcohol or tobacco.

2. Is up for 3-5 days without sleep, depending on the dose. Halucinations start usually after the 2nd day and the user may become violent.

3. Since your body is now working at 200%, your heart is pumping very hard. If you have any heart or artery problems, this will mean death. It also means you're very hot. You're running a high fever. Fevers can run up to 104 degrees and are very good at frying your brain. It's not unusual rip off clothing.

3. As it wears off, the user loses control of bodily functions. It's common to piss and shit in your pants, if you're wearing anything.

Long Term Effects:

1. If you use it frequently (as most do) expect in the 1st year to start stealing little things, as the part of your brain that determines right and wrong starts to deteriorate.

2. In the 2nd year, expect to start jabbering to yourself. You may be hearing voices that are not there as the part of your brain which determines reality, deteriorates. Now you have permanently destroyed 2 parts of your brain.

3. In the 3rd year, Meth is your life. From the moment you wake, all you can think about is Meth. Unnecessary things, like regestering your car, are not even on the horizon. And forget that pipe you were smoking it in. The best high comes from shooting it directly into your veins with a needle and/or syringe.

4. In the 4th year, paranoia sets in big time. You used to get paranoid only after the 4th day without sleep. Now you're paranoid all the time.

You have a serious need to buy weapons for your protection, especially when on the street driving to your drug dealer. Car registration was easy this year: you lifted a current tag from somebody's car. It's yours now. Ahh...Except you can't drive it.

When the battery went dead because you left your headlights on, you yanked out all the wiring, thinking there was a short. You were sure the voices in your head that told you how to fix your car were leading you in the right direction! Jeez, what went wrong?

5. The 5th year is a pivotable year: Rage takes up about 100% of your waking days. No more Mr. Nice guy. You've advanced. You're now robbing stores for your fix. You'll either die from a shootout, or qualify for Medi-Cal. After being arrested a few times, your court-appointed shrink tells the judge that all you need is some of his little pills, and you'll become a model citizen!

The pills will make you into a walking zombie. Your brain will be dead, and everyone will hate you because you still have a tendency to lift anything that ain't bolted down, and you still occasionally will be jabbering incoherently.

You'll be costing taxpayers about $7,000.00 each year you live.


The Manufacturing Process:

1. Modern Methamphetamine manufacturing requires gallons of highly toxic chemicals: Muriatic Acid, Lye, Engine Starting Fluid, and Red Phosperous from match heads.

2. There's nothing "modern" about Meth. manufacturing methods. The process used today was invented by Adolph Hitler during WWII. He used it in experiments with some of his Jewish captives, and certian soldiers on a death mission.

3. The process is very dangerous. Hydrogen gas is given off during the cooking process. If it is inhailed, you die in a few seconds; if it meets a, you, and your neighbors will blow up together in one giant explosion.

4. All Meth. "cooks" have to dispose of the toxic chemicals. It's so toxic that it will eat metal. The usual method is digging a hole in the ground. But...this only results in contaminating the ground water table, which can spread and pollute a whole neighborhood with toxic waste.

[note] All-natural Marajuana requires only 2 elements to grow: dirt and water. It doesn't pollute the groundwater and we haven't heard it exploding.

How To Tell If A Reporter Who Mentions "Drugs" Actually Means "Meth":

METH CLUE #1: Superhuman Strength: It takes 2-3 officers to wrestle him to the ground.

METH CLUE #2: No Sense Of Danger: The suspect knows no boundaries. He can carjack your car, smash it into a tree, then immediately look for another vehicle to carjack. Any nearby vehicle that he notices is in danger, including an 18 wheel fully loaded semi, or a local propane truck with unlocked doors.

METH CLUE #3: No Sense Of Pain: Bullet wounds, Knife cuts, Mace, Taser guns, all have limited effects on the suspect. In the case of Mace, it is completely innefective, even when sprayed directly into his eyes.

METH CLUE #4: Sleep Deprivation: The suspect has been observed at all hours of the day and night talking real fast and getting into heated arguments with others.

METH CLUE #5: Nude Or Semi-Nude In Public: He's trying to cool down. The fever reaches it's peak on the 2nd and 3rd day without sleep.

METH CLUE #6: Suspect Dies: When finally wrestled to the ground, the suspect croaks in the officers hands. His heart is beating so fast that it goes into cardiac arrest.

The suspect may also die from his fever. During wrestling bouts, fever can go beyond 104 degrees. One recent suspect was measured a whopping 106 degrees just after he expired.

[Note:] Every day newspapers are full of stories of violent people. Most reporters use the blanket word "drugs." Most readers interpret "drugs" as meaning "marijuana." But the weed that grows in the ground seldom, if ever, leads to violent behavior from the user.

The above list is a good key to get to the root of the story. It is VERY IMPORTANT when you see or hear the blanket word "drugs" that you contact the reporter and ask him or her to be a little more accurate in their reporting!


Before we go on with more Meth Horror stories, a Marijuana Horror Story just came to our attention:

(Press Democrat) 3/04 = Have you checked your electric bill recently? Chances are your power company contributes to a secret program that they don't want you to know about. It's a computer program that monitors your power use, and compares it month-to- month. It also compares it to your neighbor's power use. Why? It's looking for power spikes that would signal that you have a Marijuana growing operation! Oh heavens!! Have you just installed a new air conditioner? An all-electric kitchen? Guess what?! Chances are they just turned in your address to your local police!

Nope, they ain't monitoring for Methamphetamine; ditto for Heroin. And they don't care that a majority of Californians voted to legalize Medical Marijuana, all they care about is eradicating it. Which leads us to our Horror Story:

Congrats: Carlsbad, California PD: When the power company notified them of a high power bill, they immediately swung into action and staked out Dina Dagy's new home. She had just moved there, and not only was her electric bill irregular, Carlsbad detectives noted another tell-tale sign of a Medical Marijuana user: That awful Dina also put out her trash later than the rest of the neighbors! [ed note: we had no idea this was a tell-tale sign] After staking out the place for 2 weeks, Carlsbad PD was certain that they had a major crime ring, and busted down the door of Dina's home. They handcuffed Dina, as well as her 3 kids, but found absoultely no Medical Marijuana after a lengthy 3-hour search. Dina explained to The Carlsbad Medical Marijuana Eradication Team that she washes clothes 3 times a week with her new electric washer and clothes dryer combo. Also, she explained that her 3 kids all had their own computers, which were on most of the day and night.

Dina will probably sue Carlsbad PD for this, as well as her power company. And she may become rich! But her kids are now scarred for life, thanks to the Governmant's never ending war on Marijuana.

How many violent Meth incidents went unchecked in the 2 weeks Carlsbad PD spent on this case?



And Now: More Actual Methamphetamine Horror Stories!


Note: this next story will never be reported fully. Since it involves a Gay murder, no mainstream press has, or will ever cover it. (Exception to the rule is the Matthew Shepherd case)
The media would much rather harp on the Scott Peterson case. The lone paper that has been covering this story below has only one reporter covering it. Though this story has all the earmarks of Meth, it has not been reported. But it is one of the most grizzly stories that we ever read.

(Bay Area Reporter) 11/03 = Congratulations: James McKinnon. Late one night, during the summer of '02, he went home with Gary Ober. At some point, San Francisco police believe McKinnon murdered Ober. But we're not sure just how he murdered Ober. Why? That's because of what happened afterward.

Police theorize that McKinnon stabbed Ober, then dragged him to his bathtub. He made a point to clean up some of the blood, then decided to move in. You read that right: not "move out" but "move in." McKinnon could have easily left Ober's house and gotten away with the murder; he could have cleaned out Ober's bank account and live high on the hog; but no...he decided to set up housekeeping in Ober's apartment.

The next day, Stepheny Henry, Ober's best friend and next door neighbor, knocked on Ober's door. She was startled to see McKinnon. He told her that Ober was away on a Disney Cruise Ship, and he was taking care of the plants. He told her that Ober would be back in a week.

McKinnon was partially telling the truth. Ober was in a boat of sorts: The bathtub. But how was Ober going to come back to life to talk to his friend?

A week later, Henry knocked on the door again. McKinnon was still there, who informed her that the Disney Cruise Ship was having mechanical problems, and Ober wouldn't return until they were fixed. Henry noted another problem: A foul smell was now emanating from the apartment. McKinnon said it was something he was cooking.

Another week went by and the foul smell was getting increasingly stronger. In fact, it was beginning to find its way into Henry's bathroom.

Then there was the fly problem. On the outside wall opposite Ober's bathroom is what appeared to be a fly colony. Thousands of flies appeared overnight, now making it hard for neighbors to pass by.

Henry bought a big can of Black Flag and killed most of them. She then banged on her friends door to complain. Police theroize this was Week #3 or 4 for McKinnon's occupation of Ober's apartment, and his last opportunity for escape.

Finally, Henry called SFPD. Officers were not prepared for the scene. They immediately handuffed McKinnon and called for backup. Inspectors noted that the air in Ober's apartment was so foul, that they needed breathing apparatus to continue their investigation. Fly larvae coated the floor and walls of the bathroom. SF Medical Examiner Boyd Stephens says not only had the colonies of flies gone through a complete cycle of birth and rebirth, but more larvae colonies were ready to give birth inside Ober's body.

Most all the flesh had rotted away, and Ober's Body was mostly skeletal. All the while, McKinnon remained there, breathing all that wonderful aroma into his lungs. Although inspectors noted that McKinnon did attempt to reduce the stench by pouring a box of Arm&Hammer Baking Soda over the body, which did little about the smell, and did nothing about the fly larvae.

[note:] This was Front Page news in B.A.R. after the body was discovered on 10/2002. Updates followed throughout the year on inside pages. The story returned on the Front Page on 10/2003, when a judge bound McKinnon over for trial. No major media corporation has even touched the story.

If proven, this story may lead to Meth Clue #7: No Sense Of smell.


The DEA could have helped immensely in any of these cases. They could have helped the investigation. But no, the DEA has decided to waste your tax dollars and incarcerate innocent people! Worse: In doing so, the DEA has violated the US Constitution by incarcerating a man for what should be his right to free speech.

They arrested and put Tommy Chong (of Cheech&Chong) into prison for the crime of:
"Selling glass pipes that can be used for smoking marijuana, and making movies that glorify
drug use."
(**actual quote from AP article made by the prosecution...but C&C movies have never mentioned Meth, PCP, Heroin, or any drug, other than marijuana...but...this whole arguement violates the constitution!)

You can send Chong a note. He would appreciate anything you have to say. His prison address is:

Thomas Kin Chong #07798-068,
Taft CI
Unit A, #4B
PO BOX 7001
1500 Cadet Road
Taft Ca, 93268