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Aluminum and Fluoride

Video on, "Aluminum Fluoride G-Proteins and Altzheimer's Disease," August 5, 2001
Three water Fluoridation Studies: 80% of Lab Rats Dead Before Study Completion -- USEPA Conceals Study Results from Public, November 11, 2000
Death knell for fluoridation? Bruce Spittle, M.D. and Albert W. Burgstahler, Ph.D., Fluoride, 31(2) 1998, pp. 59-60
Research links low levels of fluoride and aluminum to Alzheimer's and kidney damage
Newly discovered toxic interaction of fluoride and aluminum in tap water is the death knell of fluoridation
Combination of fluoride and aluminum has unforseen effects in drinking water
Tragedy and HypeSoy products are an unsuspected source of excess aluminum, May 11,2000
Aluminum, fluoride and hormones, IFIN Bulletin number 28, December 15, 1999
Abstracts on aluminum and fluoride
Alzheimer's disease and dementia

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