Cancer and Fluoride

Cross border fluoride cancer link?, August 1, 2002

John Remington Graham, L.L.B., and Pierre-Jean Morin, Ph.D., "Highlights in North American Litigation During the Twentieth Century on Artificial Fluoridation of Public Water Supplies," 14 Journal of Land Use and Environmental Law, 195-248 (1999). Mr. Graham reviews several major cases. The scientific evidence has well established the fact that fluoridation causes bone cancer, but the USPHS blatantly operates a disinformation campaign that has deceived even many of the scientists.

Regression analysis of cancer rates and water fluoridation, Abstract
Another piece of the osteosarcoma puzzle, January 5, 2001
The NTP cancer study and Dr. William Marcus, December 7, 1999
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Thyroid tumors and fluoride in China, December 9, 1999

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