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'Scientific' review of water fluoridation in the United Kingdom re-examined

October 27, 2000

from: Chris Holdcroft, http://www.fluoride.org.uk

The recent Department of Health / NHS executive sponsored Review of Water Fluoridation admitted that 48% of the population would suffer from fluorosis with 12.5% having fluorosis of "aesthetic concern". Deperate to play down this potential tragedy, and in a disgraceful display of spin-doctoring, the parties involved in the recently completed review have decided to reclassify the severity of a condition normally measured by one of several recognised indices. Out goes the terms 'moderate' or 'severe' and in comes the 14-year-old children of Manchester! In a 1996 study by Hawley, children from Manchester aged 14 were shown pictures of fluorosis classified using the 'T & F index' and asked to rate the appearance of each as either very poor, poor, acceptable, good or very good. This admission has come from a member of the Review Body itself - Paul Wilson of the NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination ( CRD ) at York University.

Sign the Stop Fluoridation Petition now

December 9, 1999

This message is from New York State Coalition Against Fluoridation, NYSCOF@aol.com:

We started a petition to stop fluoridation at the New York Daily News website. Please go there and sign the petition:


If you can't get there by clicking on the above or pasting it into your browser, you can go to http://www.nydailynews.com, then click on community, then click on "e-the people" at the bottom of the page to get to the petitions. Right now, the first petition on the list is Stop Water Fluoridation, click on it.

We don't know if this will help; but we know it can't hurt. We made it national in scope and addressed it to the President and Vice President but we really hope journalists (especially at the New York Daily News) check out the site for news ideas and maybe, just maybe, they'll report some of the "other side" to fluoridation.

Please pass this on to any of your colleagues, friends or family who sympathize with this cause. There are no rules. So even if you live out of the US, please feel free to add your name. There is also a place where you can leave your comments.


Fluoridation in Ireland

September 23, 1999

With the possible exception of Singapore, the Republic of Ireland is the most fluoridated country on Earth, and the only one with mandatory nationwide fluoridation. All natural sources of water in Ireland were low in fluoride before fluoridation started in 1965. Now 75% of public water is fluoridated with hydrofluosilicic acid from imported fertilizer factory toxic waste. More than 12% of samples exceed the maximum permissible level of fluoride (1 ppm), according to the annual surveys by the Irish EPA.

The Irish fluoridation law was passed in 1960 with virtually no public consultation. At the same time, the U.S. Public Health Service was funding the promotion of fluoridation (see http://www.npwa.freeserve.co.uk/brief4.html). A legal challenge in 1963 failed in the High Court and then in the Supreme Court. The government legal team, defending fluoridation, was given tremendous help by U.S. government agencies. (See George Waldbott's 1965 book, A Struggle With Titans.) Since then, the cover-up by the health authorities and the medical profession has been outstandingly successful.

There has been no public debate until now. There has been no research on the effects of fluoridation except a few studies directed by dentist academics who champion fluoridation. This article in the Irish Times, May 17th, 1999, shows what the public is told: www.ireland.com/newspaper/science/1999/0517/sci1.htm

Last year, the media reported that 20% of Irish adults suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome, a serious and debilitating illness linked to fluoridated water. See Irish Times, June 4th, 1998, or URL: www.ireland.com/scripts/search/highlight.plx?TextRes=Irritable&Path=/newspaper/ireland/1998/0604/hom1.htm The media reports didn't mention fluoridation.

Many dentists, and probably many doctors, simply don't know how toxic fluoride is. Some doctors and dentists will admit in private that they don't agree with fluoridation, but they're afraid to say it in public. Most Irish Government and EU offices, and some County Council offices, use bottled spring water at taxpayers' expense. Some Irish members of parliament asked questions in the Dail (parliament) but the Minister for Health gave deliberately misleading answers.

Here's another example of the ignorance and the cover-up that characterize the fluoridation of Ireland. Recently, the Food Safety Authority of Ireland, a government agency, issued recommendations about how to feed infants. They advised that mineral water should not be used to make up bottle feeds as it may have "inadequate fluoride"! See www.ireland.com/newspaper/ireland/1999/0831/hom3.htm. The Irish Times did not publish a letter written to correct this dangerous disinformation.

The good news is the new campaign by the environmental group Voice: www.voice.buz.org/fluoridation/index.html Their website gives a good overview of fluoridation in Ireland. They are also distributing a printed information leaflet.

-- Joe Thornton joet61@hotmail.com

California $10 million dollar fluoridation grant

January 15

California Headlines Friday January 15 6:44 AM Grant To Help Fluoridate Water - (SACRAMENTO) -- An endowment supported by the dental community has donated ten million dollars to help California cities add fluoride to their water supplies. The grant from the California Endowment will help buy equipment and materials for cities that plan to fluoridate their drinking water. State health officials say only 17 percent of the state's drinking water is fluoridated.

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