PEN Fluoridation
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Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
Santa Cruz, CA
Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
Mountain View, CA
United Kingdom
National Pure Water Association
Fluoride Free Water
Fluoride Awareness
Oregon Citizens for Safe Drinking Water
Lynne Campbell, PO Box 1045, Lake Oswego, Oregon 97034, (503) 675-7451

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Organizations and Articles about Fluoridation

Fluoride Alert Network

Citizens For Safe Water in Habitats in Modesto, CA
Extensive REASONS Why no one should swallow any fluoride. Emphasis on Fact that humans swallow less than 1% of any utility treated water. Inversely, 99% of treated water just goes to 1,000's of eco-systems/habitats in the form of a 'pollutant'.

California $10 million dollar fluoridation grant
January 15, 1999