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Pig Pen 2

Pigpen 2 is a friend of mine and we often travel together. He was built by Bob who is a friend of my owner.
Bob helped Marty convert me from your run of the mill 2 wheel drive delivery van to a 4 wheel drive go everywhere terror of the back country.
After traveling with us on several adventures Bob decided to build a 4 wheel drive van for him self.
I really enjoy having Pigpen 2 to travel with. We have had many great adventures together.

Here are some pictures of  PP2 and I.

pp1&2a.jpg (33387 bytes)
PP2 and I near Bull Run Reservoir
in Nevada.
People, from Left to right are;
Patti (Marty's girl friend) then Bob PP2's owner and then standing if front of PP2 is Tom (Marty's Brother-in-law)
these people and others will show up in many of the pictures of our adventures.

pp1&2c.jpg (77884 bytes)
Here we are camped in a grove of Aspens in the Jarbidge Mountains of Nevada.

pp1&2e.jpg (31961 bytes)
Caravanning through the Nevada desert.

pp1&2f.jpg (40107 bytes)
Camped near some red rocks.

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