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Pigpen's Adventures

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Howdy, my name is Pigpen.

I am a 1968 Chevy, four wheel drive, van.
About 15 years ago my current owner "Marty" purchased me and converted me to 4 wheel drive. Since then we have had many exciting adventures together.
We have traveled in every western state and Canadian Provinces from the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains  to the West Coast and from the tip of Baja California to above the Arctic Circle and back. To read about some of our adventures click on the Pigpen icons below

                                           Pigpen at the Tropic of Cancer                                         Pigpen at the Arctic Circl
                                                    Januarry, 1989                                                               July 27, 2002

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Here are  stories and pictures from some of our adventures.

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes)  2004 Arizona Trip   

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes)  2003 Alaska trip with pictures 

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes)  2002 Alaska trip log (No Pictures)

ppbutt01.gif (6913 bytes)  Pictures of Pigpen

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes) Pigpens interior

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes)  Pigpens Conversion to Fourwheelism

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes) 292 engine conversion

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes) Winter travel in the desert.

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes)  Baja California trip

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes) 2001 Rocky Mountain trip.

ppbutt01.gif (1546 bytes) Pictures of Pigpen II

pigbounce01.gif (13351 bytes) Here is a movie of  PP2 and me (with a new paint job and before the brush guard and tire were mounted on the front) climbing out of the Brunau River Canyon at Indian Hot Springs in Idaho.
Our owners were a little apprehensive but PP2 and I new we could do it "no sweat".


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