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Pictures from our 1989 Baja Trip

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Back in 1989 my friend Bob Called me and asked if I wanted to go to Baja for three weeks. Bob told me that his brother Tom and a friend named Richard had a Zodiac boat that they wanted to tow town there to do some diving from and they wanted Bob and I to go with them as guide's and interpreter since they had never been there before and neither of them spoke the language. Bob and I had been down there several years before and I, being of Spanish descent, knew enough of the language to get by.

Here are a few pictures from that trip

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The Crew                         Driving Rout 1            Cactus as big as Redwoods       Camped on the Pacific side              The Mexican Eagle

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Bathing In the Sea of Cortez                                  Making the drive around Conception Bay                                       A desert sunset
                                                                                        across from Mulaje






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