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Pigpen's Interior

Pigpen isn't much for pretty but he's about as functional as you can get.
With the bunks the pantry and the stove set up he is a very comfortable back country camper.
The camping gear comes out quickly and easily.
With the camping gear removed he'll hall just about anything, and has.

ppinards01.jpg (36029 bytes)                    ppinards02.jpg (35078 bytes)
This setup is great for two. There is plenty of storage under the bunk, in the pantry, in the wheel well box, in the stove box and under the stove.
Those old military bunks (with a little help from some bungy's) are really, really comfortable.
When we are out on an adventure we usually spend most of our sitting around time out side and use the van for a bedroom

                  ppinards04.jpg (34002 bytes)
                   The top bunk folds down if you want more sitting around room inside or for a one person rig.
When I went up to Alaska I set it up this way with a wool blanket draped over the folded down bunk to make it friendlier.
I drove up by myself and came back with Patti. It worked great.
I had set up a mosquito netting that completely sealed off the bunks from the rest of the van and the little pests.
Yes, I slept on double mattresses on the way up.

kitchen.jpg (37285 bytes)            1kwsupply.jpg (34816 bytes)

On the left  is the kitchen setup. It is a 2 burner propane stove screwed to the top of a small cabinet. The cabinet holds; 3 nesting pots, a skillet, 4 cups 3 plates, cooking and eating utensils plus what ever else I can pack in there.
On the right is Pigpens 1kw dc to ac Inverter and 12 volt lighter socket..
The inverter is a very handy option when you are traveling. There are any number of things that one can operate on one of these babies. It works great for cooking a meal in a crock pot when you are traveling or for watching a movie on a small TV/VCR when you are camped or charging laptop batteries etc. I haven't tried
I mostly use the cigarette lighter socket to plug in my electric cooler which is also very handy for traveling.
By now you may be wondering where I get all this electrical power from. Well, I have 2 batteries a heavy duty normal car battery and a deep cycle marine battery. The 100 amp alternator keeps it all charged.
The heavy duty battery is only used for running the starter, the ignition and the exterior lights. The deep cycle battery runs the interior lights, the radio and the other accessories. 


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