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Hello everyone!!! Well I have been all grown up for quite a while now, and my Mom is finally getting around to fixing up my Web Page! Check back soon for even more updates!!

Hi,  my name is Barron, and this is my Web Page.  I was born on October 14th, 1997. I live
with my  mommy , my daddy, my big sister Misty, and my little sister Pebbles. Pebbles doesn't have a Web Page yet, but my mom is going to fix one up for her too!  Oh, and my Dad has a big dog!! She is my very BIG sister, and her name is Siren. Siren is the same age as me! We were born in the same month too! Siren is not a Dachshund, she is an American Pit Bull. She is such a big baby! She must think she is a Dachshund though, because she tries to climb up into Mom's lap for attention just like we do! She really likes to play with us, and we love playing with her. I think my Mom is going to put up a Web Page for her also.

Below is the old stuff from when I was just a little baby pup. Mom says she is going to leave that stuff there for now at least, but that she will be putting new pictures on here, and more of me talking. She might be able to put some Mpeg videos on my page, (whatever those things are!). So you will have to come back to see what changes my Mom puts up on my page.

I like to play a lot, and I like to pick up things in my mouth and run with them!  I can even pick up things that are bigger than me!

Check out the pictures that my daddy, and mommy took, below.  I will put more stuff on this page as I am growing up.  By the way, how do you like the background tile picture of me?  Don't I just look adorable?!!  At least that's what the hoomans think of me.

Click on the thumbnails below to see a bigger picture of me.
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