Hello, my name is Annalisa Cox, welcome to my home page.   I will be adding pictures and other neat things as I have time, so please check back when you can for future updates.

I have many interests.  First of all, I am a Multimedia Developer.  I also have three dachshunds, Mandy, (who sadly passed away on November 28th, 1997), Misty,Barron, and Pebbles who are like children to me.  There is a great dachshund web page link below.  Eventually I will get Barron's page updated, and put one up for Pebbles.  I just have to get the time!!

I love sports, baseball, football, NHRA drag racing, NASCAR winston cup racing, to name just a few.  Check out the links to some of my favorite sports sites below.

I like to collect old telephones, in working order of course!  I have always been fascinated with the pay telephone.  I have two right now.  One is from the 1940's era, and one is from the 1950-1960's era.  I also have an old firebox telephone from the 1920-1930's era.  Most of the phones I collect are restored, and rewired for current use. Check out the interesting, old telephone links below.

I love music, and I've included some links to my favorite singers below as well.

I will be putting some pictures on this web page, just as soon as I can get some current ones taken.  I just bought my husband, Carl, a new camera for our 10th anniversary.  He was thrilled, so he will take some new pictures soon.

I am a native Californian.  Click on my bio link below, to find out more about me.

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www.lunanegra.com: pandora's box
  American Gumball Machine Company

Thank-you for visiting my web page.  Please be sure to stop by again soon.

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