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Japanese advertisers are fancinated with foreign words and phrases, and use these every chance they get to help promote a product or service. Of course, this tends to be interesting because the people who write these phrases are not what you would call fluent speakers of the foreign languages, and they certainly don't expect their customers to be... so, often, they tend to miss the gramatical mark when concocting their slogans. Below is a choice selection of some of the strange English phrases I've run into during my trips. Please note... any lack of punctuation or mis-spellings below this paragraph is exactly how the phrases were presented!

Confidence of creating deliciousness.
This tastiness can not be carried even by both hands.
-- From a "Choco Bouchee" chocolate
cake treat from Lotte.

What is the most important thing for us?
Love, friend, study, and etc. But taking
care of myself in the best.
-- Catchy phrase on a chopstick holder.

Guide of a economy switch
There is a power box on the wall Please plug your keyholder
into the box
It started all lighting and air conditioning
Please keep the keyholder as it, if you in the room
*Please don't forget to take the key when you go out.
-- A helpful sign at the Alpha-1 Hotel in Tsuruoka, meant to explain how to use your room's keychain to activate the lights and air conditioning.

Healthy natural beauty
... adds joy to the life
HOUSE OF ROSE focuses on the
flexible dynamism of the nature
and its products.
All our skincare products
have been created in formulation with
natural ingredients ,including essences
extracted from flowers, stems
and roots,and honey or royal jelly.
They are in principal free of any artificial
flavors or colors,and the use of any additives
that may cause excessive load on the skin
is eliminated to the possible extent.
It is our motto to achieve the best harmony
of nature's blessings and the human windom
to offer the products for our customers
to maintain the transparency of
the beautiful natural skin.
-- Sign just outside of the House of Rose in the Sunshine City mall, Ikebukuro ward, Tokyo. [Update 1/2000: House of Rose is now long gone, as well as this sign... so don't go looking for it!]

Elephant Dum is a popular with
us. His humming makes us
feel dancing like a
conjuring trick.
-- Intriguing statement from a paper shopping bag from a toy store in Tsuruoka, in Yamagata prefecture of Japan.

The delicious taste of Lotte depends on the highest quality of materials
and distinguished technique of manufacturing
-- From a Lotte ice cream bar vending machine.

There's a gallon of deliciousness in every drop.
Reach for the taste of good taste, reach for DyDo.
-- From a DyDo tea and coffe vending machine. By the way, Japan uses the metric system so all drinks are measured in liters... not gallons. In fact, I doubt the average citizen of Japan would know what a gallon was.

Tobacco House
Smoking Clean & Tender Heart
Comfortable Space
-- From the side of a cigarette vending machine.

SNOOPY is the world famous beagle and the revered pet of CHARLIE BROWN.
He excels in sports (expect the random golf game), lives for food,
and always attracts a crowd.
-- Quote on a bag from Snoopy House -- an all-Peanuts specialty store -- in Harajuku ward, Tokyo. This is circa 1/2000; golf is very popular in manga, anime, and video games at the moment.

Always Delicious, Always Sincere.
Colonel Sanders, the founder
had been stubbornlyparticular about
bringing you the irreplaceble taste and service.
-- From the wrapper for a wet napkin from the Kentucky Fried Chicken in the Yaesu underground mall near the JR Tokyo Station, Tokyo.

-- From a sign advertising a "comic cafe" called Mag Time, a restaurant where you can read the latest comics and magazines as you dine. Located in Nishikasi ward, Tokyo [in 1998].

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