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12-2015: Hello and Welcome!
It's been many years since I worked on this website, but it still has some points of interest and fun stories to share. I won't be updating it anymore, but hope you enjoy what is here! At the bottom are links to my current websites.

Hello and Welcome!
I'm 'Oniko', and this website features the diaries from my annual trips to Japan... it lets me share my adventures with friends and family, and I figured there might be a few others out there, perhaps like you, who would find this page both fun and useful. Planning a trip to Japan, or just want to find out more? Then you're in the right place!
In my Introduction, you can find out more about me and this site; in The Travel Diaries are the day by day accounts of my trips, with all the little lessons I learned and the amazing sights I saw; the Survival Guide is a list of the important bits of info that travelers in Japan should probably know (and most that I learned the hard way); Manga, Manga! covers topics related to one of the main reasons I travel to Japan - Japanese Comic Books!; the Index & Reference pages let you find what you want, as well as provides a glossary and a bibliography for the site; Fun & Strange Stuff is a variety of odd-ball things I've run across in my travels; and, finally, the Links has links to other web pages that are either useful for travelers in Japan, or are related to people and places I encountered while in Japan!
I hope you enjoy the site! If you want to drop me a line, you can either write to me at: Oniko, P.O.Box 984, Penngrove, CA. 94951, USA, or email by Clicking Here!

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