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Oniko's Gallery
Have I mentioned that I draw comics and stuff? This is my art gallery page, in both English and Japanese. It's intended to be an introduction to myself and my interests for those I meet while traveling, and -- I hope -- will also assist me in someday selling some of my books in Japan. For now, though, it's just a showcase of my art past and present... you can see previews of some of the projects I'm working on!
Anomalies -- the Strange & Unexplained
Ever since I can remember, I've been interested in strange stories about unsolved mysteries, monsters, and extraterrestrials... and this is long before the X-Files premiered! Anomalies is my attempt to actually research and investigate select events in such a way as to produce useful results. Educational and fun (at least I think so)!
Thwack! Pow! Productions
Thwack! Pow! Productions was the name of my short-lived comic book publishing enterprise... this site includes many of the comics I made, along with a number of small games. I'm always looking to add to it, but said additions are random. Oh, and be sure to play the "Find Garth" game to unlock even more comics and games!

Places in Japan
Mount Fuji - 24 hour Live Camera
This web site shows the view from a camera mounted at the top of Mount Fuji, updating the image every ten minutes or so. There is a gallery of past images, and a comment room where you can leave a note or read notes left by other visitor.

Travel Links
Hostel International
Youth Hostels are the cheapest way to see Japan -- with nightly fees as low as $15 -- and to meet other travelers. But you'll need to join the organization, and, for Pete's sake, contact Hostels you want to stay at in advance or they'll be full up when you get there! A travel agent or Hostel International can help you make the arrangements. For their web page specifically about Hostels in Japan, Click Here!
If you want to access your internet account and email while traveling in Japan (or anywhere else, for that matter), then this is the service for you. Net-Roamer offers local access numbers for internet connections throughout the world for a low monthly fee (only charged on the months you actually use it)... very useful!

Manga Links
In Japanese and English. Tinami is a growing catalog of manga artists web pages in Japan! Each artist or studio has been catagorized by the type of art and story the offer, and you can see a sample of their work next to their link. This amazing site already has several hundred pages listed in it... but do note, most of those pages will be in Japanese only.
In Japanese and English. Toranoana is a big comic shop in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, that features Japanese small-press titles as well as all the books by the major Japanese publishers. You know I like them!

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