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Anomalies: the Strange and Unexplained
Anomalies is my web site featuring research I've done on a variety of supernatural, mysterious, and just plain weird people and events!

Oniko Goes To Japan!
Oniko Goes To Japan is the travel diaries of my regular trips to Japan. Join me as I explore temples and shrines, hunt for legendary monsters, and buy more comic books than any sane person ever would! Follow me as I learn about and see parts of Japan that most tourists never realize exists.

Thwack! Pow! Productions
Thwack! Pow! Productions is the name of my old publishing company... but now the site features some of my older comics and some games, free to read and play. Enjoy!

Tinami! (In Japanese only!)
Japanese Language Only!
Tinami is a web site from Japan that lists home pages for thousands of Japanese comic book creators! It's only in Japanese, however, so it may take some luck and patience to find what you want... I managed to get Oniko's Gallery listed in it!

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