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For those of you who really want to know, I've self-published several books and am currently trying to get someone else to do the publishing part of my new stories. Self-publishing is a pain in the rear!
Here's a list of my past books, and a little about each.

Boredom Comix (featuring Turquoise & Company)

An anthology title, the main storyline in all issues features a group of inter-demensional travelors -- Turquoise, Mongoose, and Angelo -- who have decided to moonlight as a detective agency on Earth to help out a financially destitute friend.
A mini-comic I printed at a local copy shop, I sold issues at the comic book shop I worked at. I produced nine issues of the series. Copies of all are available for a quarter each plus shipping... email me below!

The Original Sin

There's no easy way to sum up the plot for this series, but I'll try... a New York reporter, after witnessing the murder of a friend, decides to investigate the distribution of a new drug, called "Needles", that alters the emotion and personality of it's users. She soon finds that the people distributing the drug are not entirely human, and that she is being protected by a strange man who tends to behead people.
My first full-effort, self-published book... and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. I was lucky to get three issues of the expected 29 printed and distributed before it proved too expensive to continue. Live and Learn! Maybe someday I'll get a chance to re-draw and re-present this story in full form.
Copies of all three issues are available for free to anyone who's willing to pay postage to get them... email me below!


Five friends with ineffectual -- no, make that stupid -- mutant powers and no work do the only thing that makes sense... they form a superhero team with an "X" in the name so they can get rich off of the merchandising! Of course, they have to win a fight first...
I did mention I worked at a comic book shop, right? At the height of the mid-nineties when Marvel was spitting out worthless X-Men spin-offs with multiple collectible (and expensive) covers, this book was my reaction. It's a one-shot, and copies are available for $1.25 each plus shipping... email me below!

Illustrated Editions: The Horned Toad

A young boy's Spanish speaking great-grandmother has come to live with his non-Spanish family, but it takes time for the whole family to adjust to the resulting culture clash.
This is a short story my father wrote and that I adapted to comic book form on my mother's request. I would like to do more of his short stories this way some day; we'll see. It's a one-shot, but all copies are gone now; sorry about that!
By the way, if you would like to see what else my father has written, his website contains a bibliography as well as some of his short stories and magazine articles... it's at


An anthology title I did with two friends, each of us doing a separate storyline. Mine was Big Wolf: The Articulated Series, a parody of the nineties Batman cartoon. Big Wolf, with the help of his sidekick Rabbit, protects Bedlam City from a notoriously nautical villain called the Pirate... but all is not as it seems. Who's the biggest villain in town; the Pirate... or Rabbit?
This book was also fully self-published, and this book also only went three issues. Both my Big Wolf story and one of my friend's stories -- Tin Man -- are three part stories, so they were completed in these three issues. Copies of all three issues are available for $1.25 each plus shipping... email me below!

Roswell Incident

In 1997, I had a booth at the convention in Roswell, New Mexico, that celebrated the 50th anniversary of a supposed UFO crash landing in the deserts near the town... which is the story that is related in this book. I basically present an illustrated version of the events that the three most famous 'witnesses' claim occurred to them at the time of the supposed crash and military cover-up. Did a UFO crash in the desert?
This book is a one-shot. Copies are available for $1.50 each plus shipping... email me below!

Chen & Solly

Chen is an air-headed, comic book obsessed cat-girl who's got a real problem keeping her imagination in control; Solly is an electronic "pal-bot" that Chen's parents bought to try and keep her in line... in practice, though, he's just a convenient target for her wandering mind. In Chen's tender care, even the simplist of matters soon complicates into mind-numbing silliness.
My most recent work, and something that I will be trying to shop around to publishers. Only three issues of this mini-comic were made, and I will probably re-draw these issues at a different size when I go to finish and sell the story. In the meantime, copies of all three issues are available for $0.50 each... email me below.
Be sure to check out the Chen & Solly Gallery... Click Here!

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