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We are a small family farm where we produce pasteurized goat cheese by the same methods used in most of South America and in Peru in particular where Javier grew up. Since he was a young boy, he worked side-by-side with his father Jaime in their family cheese plant.

In keeping with farmstead traditions worldwide, these "country" cheeses are produced from 1-2 day old milk in small 50 gallon batches and then immediately turned into cheese which seals in the fresh, mild flavor. They are brought to farmers' markets, natural food stores, and fine restaurants soon after Javier or family members make them.

Following the cheese from the pasture to the market, and overseeing each step, insures the full flavor and artisanship of a natural and handcrafted product. This kind of integrity is in response to the rigorous demands of California gourmet shoppers who want to know where their food has come from and how it has been handled. The cheese is also available by mail order.

Shipping our cheese:

To address the subject of perishability without resorting to the use of additives, compromising the purity of the product, we are able to vacuum pack or freeze our cheeses for transport.

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