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Feb 17th

As of Thursday Feb 16th the 35+ 4/5 fields are full for the Snelling RR. Two groups of 35+ 4/5 have each reached their 50 rider limit with 20 riders on the wait list. Currently only 20 ( out of 50) Cat 5s are registered for Snelling. The 45+ field is almost full ( 49 of 50 spaces filled). THe Women 4 field hs 11 spaces left. For more details and to see if you are registerd see the Velo Promo Is the Field Full page

Feb 14th

Here is an unofficial report on what happened at last night's NCNCA meeting. We covered lots of topics so here are the highlights.

We received our final 2005 license rebate check from USAC. The final check came to $11,934. For the year we earned $30,275 in regular license rebates and $2,815 in special 1 time time rebates for a total of $33,090 for the year.

We currently have 2388 licensed USCF riders in the NCNCA territory. This is 25% ahead of last year at this same time.

Due to low subscriptions, less than 100, we have decided that it is time to stop printing the NCNCA Newsletter. In total we are now sending out just over 200 newsletters per month. In order to take advantage of bulk mailing discounts we need to be sending out 500 monthly. As more people have been taking advantage of internet resources we have been getting fewer paid subscriptions each year and we have been getting fewer race ads each year. We haven't cashed any of the subscription checks that have been sent in so far while deciding the fate of the newsletter. We will either tear up those checks that have been sent in or return the checks if people want. We will have one final edition of the newsletter as a going away edition.

At this time we don't know when ( or if) the District Track Championships will happen this year. Back in mid November a formal request was sent to the Velodrome Association asking that the Fri., Sat. and Sunday of Memorial Day weekend be set aside for the track championships. No action was ever taken by the velodrome Assoc to approve or disapprove this date request. Last month the Velodrome Assoc. approve another event for the Sunday of memorial day weekend. If the Memorial day weekend can't be used for District Track then the next possible date ( due to restrictions of the velodrome Assoc. and schedule conflicts) would be mid to late Sept. If enough people aren't interested in riding the Track Championships that late in the year then we might have to just cancel the event.

The web page is getting a makeover which should go public this coming weekend. The newly designed site will be easier to maintain than the current site. The new design will also be less cluttered. We discussed changing our web hosting service. For the same price we are currently paying we can go with a local ISP that offers a lot more bandwidth and storage space. We also discussed the breakdown of what content should be on the email list vs the discussion forum. We discussed having the email list for time sensitive announcements and discussions and the forum for less time sensitive announcements and discussions.

We talked about looking into having all the past newsletters digitized a a way to preserve the history of local racing. We will look into the options of getting this done.

Feb 7th

This is just a quick reminder about the Feb NCNCA meeting. The meeting will be on Monday the 13th at the usual location, Marie Calendar's Restaurant 2090 Diamond Blvd. in Concord. From 680 take the Willow Pass Rd exit and head east. Turn left ( north) at the first intersection, restaurant is on the right at 4th light on Diamond. The meetings starts a little after 7 pm

As always the meeting is open to anyone who wants to attend but only delegates from current NCNCA member clubs can vote on issues.

Jan 25th

Meet the Teams day this coming Sunday

On Sunday Feb 29th we will have our second annual meet the teams day at the Early Bird Training Criterium. This will be a good chance for any unattached riders to meet with representatives from several teams. Many new racers have told me that they found racing much more enjoyable once they started racng as part of a team. Even if you already belonh to a team this will be a good chance to come out and meet people you might not normally have a chance to talk to at a regular race. We currently have 22 teams signed up to be at the event with the possibility of some more teams deciding to show up.

Jan 17th

If you bought/renewed your license online on Dec 9th, Dec 16 or Dec 17th and you haven't received it yet you probably need to call USAC. It seems that licenses from those dates were printed by USAC and turned over the the company that mails the licenses but several people never received their licenses.  If you bought/renewed your license on one of the above dates and you haven't received it yet please call LInda Buffetti at 719-866-3295 and she will have your license reissued and sent to you again.

Dec 13th

Just wanted to throw out this reminder for Cat 5 riders.
Each coaching session at the Early Birds counts as 1 races of experience towards your Cat 4 upgrade. Each race also counts as a race of experience. This means if a Cat 5 does the coaching session and the race they get 2 races worth of credit towards the Cat 4 upgrade. A new Cat 5 that attends all 5 weeks and does the coaching and racing each week will qualify for an upgrade to Cat 4 at the end of the Early Bird series.

Dec 13th

Last night was the Dec. NCNCA meeting a few of the things that happened at the meeting were.

2006 officer election
President Casey Kerrigan
VP Road Robert Leibold
VP Operations Roger Marquis
Secretary Erik Salander
Treasurer Janice Goodrich

NCNCA voted to donate $500 to the 2006 WCCC Winter Road Training Camp for collegiate and junior riders.

Instead of buying more of the sticky foil road construction tape for finishlines we will look into getting a rubber mat type finishline that can be used on dirt, wet roads and other surfaces that we currently use the sticky foil tape on. The matt ( if we can find what we are looking for) should also provide straighter finishlines. The ideal matt would be thin rubber with a beveled edge, white background with a black finishline, heavy enough to stay in place when rolled over by bike wheels and long enough so we can roll out what we need for different road widths. If we can find what we are looking for we will get 3 of 4 to support multi race weekends. 

The Jan NCNCA meeting will take place after the first Early Bird Crit on Sunday Jan 8th.
The 2006 officials meeting will take place on Jan 15th after the second Early Bird Crit.

There will be an officials clinic on Jan 14th and 15th. The 14th will be classroom type lecture. The 15th will be on the job training with the test being taken during the last race of the day. Robert Leibold has more details on time and location of the clinic. All clubs that are promoting races are strongly encouraged to have at least one official in their ranks.

Dec 8th

This is just a quick reminder about the  Dec.  NCNCA meeting. The meeting will be on Monday the 12th  at the usual location, Marie Calendar's Restaurant  2090 Diamond Blvd. in Concord. From 680 take the Willow Pass Rd exit and head east. Turn left ( north) at the first intersection, restaurant is on the right at 4th light on Diamond.  The meeting

starts a little after 7 pm Dec. meeting items that I know aobut so far are.

2006 officer elections
start working on the 2006 budget

Nov. 30th

The BAR/BAT rankings sohuld be updated by now with all the results included. Riders have until midnight Sat Dec 3rd to point out any errors to Larry Upthegrove. If anyone finds any mistakes contact Larry by the dealine. After the deadline we will be calling the BAR/BAT final for the year with no more changes.

Nov. 29th

The final BAR/BAT rankings should be available in the next day or two. The final results are being added and some corrections are being made.

Nov. 21st

The Promoers of the San Francisco Grand Prix have announced the 2006 has been cancelled. You can read the full story on Velonews.

Nov. 11th

As of today we have set a new record for number of licensed USCF racers in NCNCA territory. As of today we now have 3492 racers in our region. Our old record was 3480 riders back in 1992.

Nov. 7th

I just wanted to send out a reminder about the 2006 race scheduling meeting which will take place next, Nov 14th at the Burlingame Recreation Center, 850 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame, CA  94010. The meeting will start at 7pm. The meeting will also serve as the Nov NCNCA meeting. All clubs that are planing on promoting a race next year are strongly urged to have a representative at the meeting.

Nov. 1st

As of today riders can renew their racing license for 2006. If you don't have a current USCF license then you can buy a license starting today that is good for the rest of this year and all of next year. The fstest way to buy or renew your license is through the USAC web site. It usually only takes about a week to get your license when you go through the USAC web site.

Oct. 11th

The 2006 race scheduling form is now available here. Promoters should downlaod the form and fill it out and send it in to request their 2006 race date(s).

Oct. 7th

Thanks to the efforts of NCNCA president Tom Simpson we have a location for the 2006 NCNCA race scheduling meeting. The meeting will be next month, Nov. 14th and it will be held at the Burlingame Recreation Center, 850 Burlingame Avenue, Burlingame, CA  94010. The meeting will start at 7pm.

We will have the date request form available shortly for promoters who want to get their date requests in before the meeting. Sending in your date request before the meeting helps speed up the meeting.

Sep. 27th

This is for anyone interested in doing Cross Nationals this year. See here for start line seeding information. Unless you are a defending Champ or placed in the top 10 last year ( top 20 for elite Men and Women) seeding will be by order of registration. Some fields are already pretty full the Men's B race already has 173 entries, 30+ has 59 entries, 35+ has 102 entries, 40+ has 80 and 45+ has 69 entries. For more information about Cross Nationals see here

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