Friday, April 20th, 2007 ... 5:30 p.m. - 9:10 p.m. ... KZSU, 90.1 FM

Late show due to an afternoon baseball game.

Big event in the week following this one: The April 25 screening of Noisy People, an hour-long documentary about the local improv music scene. Tim Perkis, a member of that scene, spent about a year filming profiles of some local favorites like Damon Smith and Gino Robair, then spent the subsequent three years stitching it into a film. It's a truly indie production -- like much of the music that musicians make, the film was a labor of love created without guarantee of an audience. Perkis found a sympathetic ear at the Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, which offered its theater for a comfortable, one-time screening.

What's the big deal? For me, I've been a spectator of the scene for about 12 years now, and it's gone through a lot of changes, from the glory days when Beanbender's and a half-dozen other venues collectively put on shows nearly every day of the week. Higher rents and an exodus of the more jazz-oriented folks to New York have changed the color of the scene, but it's still vibrant, even if the musicians themselves sometimes feel disappointed at the lack of recognition given to what's going on in the Bay Area.

This film, then, represents a validation, a documenting of the creative spirit that's connected all these people, a love letter to a community that perseveres and thrives outside an increasingly suffocating high-rent economy. And for me, personally, it's a bit of nostalgia -- the footage doesn't date back to 1996, but the musicians include folks who represent my earliest direct contacts with the music.

The screening on the 25th was fantastic, with a nearly full house packed with musicians and plenty of non-musicians. A cross between a class reunion and a weekend party. It felt like home, and the film came across as a well-deserved pat on the back for some people who've worked long and hard for their music.

Horizontal lines denote microphone breaks.

Vijay Iyer/Mike Ladd -- "The Color of My Circumference IV" -- In What Language? (Pi Recordings, 2003)

Vijay Iyer -- "Marchand Epilogue" -- Memorophilia (Asian Improv, 1995) * Grilly Biggs -- "Gator, Part 2" -- New Orleans / Katrina = Santa Fe + Chicago (High Mayhem, 2006) * Lake | Tchicai | Osgood | Westergaard -- "Turku Boogie" -- Lake | Tchicai | Osgood | Westergaard (Passin' Thru, 2006)
* Brad Shepik -- "Crossing" -- Places You Go (Songlines, 2006) *! Vermillion Lies -- "Shark Serenade" -- Separated by Birth (A Small Tribe, 2006)
-- (6:00 p.m.) --

* Sam Rivers -- "Spots" -- Aurora (Rivbea, 2006)

* Don Byron -- "There It Is" -- Do the Boomerang (Blue Note, 2006)

James Moody -- "Zanzibar" -- Comin' on Strong (Argo; orig. released 1963) * Assif Tsahar, Cooper-Moore, Chad Taylor -- "Turn It Up" -- Digital primitives (Hopscotch, 2006)

* William Parker and Hamid Drake -- "First Communion I-B" -- First Communion/Piercing the Veil (AUM Fidelity, 2006)

Lounge Lizards -- "Yak" -- Queen of All Ears (Strange & Beautiful, 1998) Moe! Staiano -- "Aetlier 8" -- The Lateness of Yearly Presentations (Dephine Knormal, 2002)

# Tim Perkis -- [untitled electronics solo] -- Myles Boisen/Jon Raskin: Music + One (Rastascan, 2006)

# Dan Plonsey -- "The Butterfly Path Is Gone" -- Ivory Bill (Music & Arts, 1997) # The Social/Science Set -- "Lexeme" -- The Social/Science Set (The Beak Doctor, 2003; orig. released 1980)
# John Shiurba's 5x5 with Anthony Braxton -- "1.2.4" -- 1.2 = A (Rastascan, 2006) # Gino Robair -- "Integumentation" [with Tim Perkis] -- Buddy Systems (Meniscus, 1999) # Phillip Greenlief/Trevor Dunn -- "Girlfriend" -- Phillip Greenlief/Trevor Dunn (Evander, 1996)
# Gianni Gebbia, Damon Smith, Garth Powell -- "Love in There"/"Such a Strange Vibration" -- People in Motion (Rastascan, 1999)
Harry Partch -- "Barstow" -- The World of Harry Partch (Columbia)
* Reel Change -- "Portraits, Part 1" -- Open in Total Darkness (Evander, 2006)
-- 8:00 p.m. --

* Arthur Bull and Daniel Heikalo -- "La Solution de l'Enigme" -- Concentres et Amalgames (Ambiances Magnetiques, 2006)

* Hans Tammen, Alfred 23 Harth, Chris Dahlgren, Jay Rosen -- "A Brief Pleasure Trip" -- Expedition (ESP-Disk, 2006)
Joan Jenreneaud -- "Metamorphosis Four" [by Philip Glass] -- Metamorphosis (New Albion, 2002)

* Gebhard Ullmann, Chris Dahlgren, Art Lande -- "Das Tiefe A" - Die Blaue Nixe (Between the Lines, 2006)

Rob Price -- "1600 Hours" -- At Sunset (Gutbrain, 2004)

* Brad Dutz -- "Spongy Bark" -- When Manatees Attack (pfMentum, 2006)

* Bebo Valdes -- "Tu Sonrisa" [composer: Manuel Samueli Robredo] -- Bebo (Calle54, 2006) * Gordon Grdina's Box Cutter -- "Say" -- Unlearn (Spool, 2006)

* Charles Mingus -- "They Trespass the Land of the Sacred Sioux" -- Music Written for Monterey, 1965 (Sue Mingus, 2006; recorded 1965)

* Tom Nunn -- "Cross Rods/3" -- Identity (Edgetone, 2006)

Pyramid Trio -- "Song for Alan" -- Ancestral Homeland (No More, 1998) * Mike Dillon's Go-Go Jungle -- "Bad Man" -- Battery Milk (Hyena, 2006)

* = Item in KZSU rotation
! = Pop anomaly
? = Item not in KZSU library
# = Noisy People people

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