Programming Toolkit

We at FAIT are very proud to offer our Web visitors a chance to become directly involved in our research, without visiting the lab! By using the simple (yet powerful) interface below, you too can create rule sets which can be implemented on the FAIT CUBE, without prior programming experience -- just click on the buttons in the table below, debug your code, and submit to our emailbox. Participants in this program will be emailed a report, detailing the results of their algorithm on the various experiments occurring around the clock at the lab.


This allows us to send you a report. Without our having your address, you may never know the outcome of your programming efforts. And that would be such a shame...

Teague's Locker Door Opens

Dr. Flaxon Is At Home

Set humidity to 5% in Sandstorm World

Begin Immediate Dizzying Ascent In FPT Flight Sequence

CUBE UI Has Other Windows Open

There's 10 gallons of tea in the S.C.V.

Start mosquito chase algorithm in Amanda Denny's simulation

Increment & Remap All DEMON Midi Note Numbers

Raquetball court position coordinate X,2 is activated

Urinal #2 In Mid-Lab Men's Bathroom Is Flushed

Suspend Metabolant Distribution For 30 Minutes

Open Maui Portal In Sanstorm World

Main Elevator #1 Is Going Up

The Motor Pool's Nasal Scanner Is In Use

Raise Ph Level In Caustic Hot Tub 15%

Boost Bass Level In Space Shuttle Simulator By 50%

CUBE Core Coolant Temperature Exceeds 150 Degrees

Ultraviolet Lights Are On In Fungus Farm

Begin Syrup Storm In Pancake World

Boost Baseball Bat Haptic Thruster Level for Tipper Gore's "Pump" 100%

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