The FAIT Cube

The FAIT Cube is a massive paralell-processing computational array consisting of 4,096 8-Mhz AT motherboards whose data buses are connected together in a cubic matrix. The Cube is claimed to operate somewhere in the 40k Mips range, although it can't perform floating-point calculations without assistance from the 287 Cube, its companion math-coprocessor array, contained in a refrigerator-sized cabinet situated next to the main Cube array. Housed in an adjacent chamber, the power supplies for all these devices are used to heat the water for FAIT's entire facility. The Power Supply room, strategically located directly below FAIT's sauna, vents all excess heat directly upward through its specially-designed ceiling grid, both providing a much-valued theraputic resource as well as fitting in nicely with FAIT's zero-tolerance energy waste philosophy.


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