The FAIT Facility:

"We Guarantee Secure Research."

Flaxon Alternative Interface Technologies is a human interface research facility housed within a series of interconnected underground man-made caves located within the Nevada Nuclear Test Site Area. The facility currently has 4 levels, each serving a different function and connected to the others via elevators, maintenance shafts and vertical transport tubes. Due to careful planning and precise design, ambient radiation levels aren't much of a problem.

The uppermost level (Level 1) is Dr. Flaxon's residential abode. Level 2 contains the lab facility, with hundreds of rooms of various sizes and configurations to accomodate FAIT's multifaceted research efforts. Level 3 is the main living area for FAIT's staff and guests, as well as the center for many off-duty activities and social functions. Level 4 is FAIT's maintenance level, where the central computer as well as various life-support and energy management systems reside.

Although some of the food consumed at FAIT is imported from the surface, workers harvest significant crops on a daily basis from the on-site Fungus Farm (shown at left). Recent culinary advances at FAIT have allowed numerous food substitutes to be made from our fungal friends, including artificial meats, cereals and grains, allowing more independence from outside sources than ever. FAIT's chefs have developed entire menus to incorporate these saprophytic morsels into every phase of the dining experience.

Note the unique overhead auto-fertilization system in use at the Farm. While genetic research is not a primary focal point at FAIT, scientific minds from every field can be found here, and with this expertise FAIT's genetic scientists have succeded in breeding a species of cattle that can thrive in ultraviolet light and derive nutrition from a wide variety of desert flora, including dried tumbleweeds, yuccas and creosote.

Seen at right are two of the aboveground steam escape vents from FAIT's water-cooled power system. Heat from the huge array of 4,096 power units that supply the FAIT CUBE (the facility's massive parallel-processing computer system) is collected via a network of heat sinks and diverted to a gigantic boiler, which provides in-floor space heating for the entire facility as well as hot water for the kitchen, bath and Caustic Hot Tub facilities. Additionally, this array provides dry heat for the Sauna, which is situated directly above over a unique, moisture-diverting grid. Similar design innovations can be found throughout the FAIT facility.