FAIT is the home and underground R&D facility of the Evil Doctor Flaxon, located in the heart of the Nevada Nuclear Test Site. Access to FAIT is ordinarily limited to its special guests, but the aquisition of our Web site has opened up the possibility of interaction with the public at large. Visitors to FAIT's home page enjoy access to various areas via the context-sensitive links window at left - please feel free to click around FAIT to your heart's content!

FAIT CUBE™ Programming ONLINE!

Click here to try your hand at programming algorithms
for our large-array paralell-processing computer!

  • FAIT Phobia Therapies break new ground in psychological treatments!

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  • Visitors using our Forms Processor will get a new surprise image upon submitting. Try to guess the identity of the subject.

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  • A NEW STANDARD has arrived in the field of human interface research! Read all about it here!

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  • Please visit the "Bulletin Board" section, where visitors can contribute and share communiques with Dr. Flaxon and the FAIT staff!

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  • Nutritional Research at FAIT is bringing Wonderful Dietary Innovations!

  • Flaxon Alternative Interface Technologies
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