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_________copies of  FIFTY/FIFTY: ISBN 0-9643695-5-9                      List: $17.95;     Browsers price: $9.00    Total ______________

_________copies of  WITCHES THREE: ISBN 0-9643695-0-8            List: $17.95;     Browsers price: $9.00    Total ______________

_________copies of CITY OF DREAMS: ISBN 1-4134689-4-2            List $31.99;      Browsers price: $17.00   Total ______________

_________copies of MYSTERIOUS AFFAIRS: ISBN 978-1-61204-259-6 List $26.00 Browsers price: $17.00   Total______________

_________copies of SLEEPING UGLY: ISBN: 978-0-578-16160-0     List $14.95        Browsers price: $09.00    Total______________

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