David M. Weeks

My career has seen me wear a variety of hats, all relying on analytical skills and a breadth of knowledge gained from a strong academic background in the social sciences, linguistics, and the humanities. Thanks to a doctorate degree in Indo-European philology, I’m familiar with many modern and ancient European languages, which gives me exceptional insight into the details of word meanings, grammar, and usage.

As a translator, this background gives me the skills to create accurate, readable translations from German, Spanish, and French; and a working knowledge of numerous other languages including Latin, Greek, Sanskrit, Old English, Icelandic, Italian, and Russian.

The Stakes of the Warrior. The Plight of a Sorcerer. Jung. A Biography.

The origins of words and the stories of how they have changed and grown over time give us a deeper understanding of what they mean and how they are used today. I’ve put this knowledge to good use as a lexicographer, etymologist, and editor of dictionaries and reference works, having worked as a Senior Editor at the American Heritage Dictionary, Third Edition, contributed extensively to the Microsoft Encarta World English Dictionary, and written articles for a popular book on the American language.

American Heritage Dictionary Concise American Heritage Larousse Spanish Dictionary American Heritage First Dictionary Encarta World English Dictionary Speaking Freely

New technology has brought major changes to the world of reference and publishing. As a technical writer and software documentation specialist for more than 25 years, I’m at home with information technology and personal computing, including both Windows and Linux operating systems, software, administration, networking, and security. My strengths are in understanding technical concepts, analyzing and organizing material, and presenting it in clear, understandable language. Here, too, my editorial expertise and knack for clear, precise writing lend an especially professional touch to user’s guides, online help systems, and other documents for end users, administrators, and engineers.

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