10 Tips for Staying Healthy Through the Holidays
1. Allow yourself some special treats, but don't let these become habits of consuming too many sweets or too much food or alcohol. Avoiding daily use of sugar and certain foods usually reduces your craving for them within a few days, and then you can more easily break your habit.
2. Plan your pleasures and acknowledge the variation from your regular healthy eating plan. Maintain your balance of foods over the day, and if attending a party with food and drink, eat lighter before and after the event. Also, make sure you eat protein to balance the carbohydrate foods.
3. Before going to a party, drink water and take some vitamins C and E. Take along some probiotics (acidophilus) and digestive enzymes. (See Dr. Elson's Going-to-a-Party Plan in Chapter 11 of The Staying Healthy Shopper's Guide.)
4. When eating away from home, watch out for excess alcohol, sugar, caffeine, and rich foods. To slow the effects of alcohol, have a tablespoon of olive oil or a few nuts before to coat your stomach and slow alcohol absorption.
5. An inherent conflict for seasonal imbalance is the diminishing daylight and need for home and inner time combined with the outgoing social demands and many parties that occur during the holiday weeks. Get plenty of sleep to recharge your batteries. Inadequate sleep or relaxation weakens immunity and makes us more prone to infectious illness. Sleep is vital and comforting, and one of the primary keys to preventing disease.
6. Factors that can weaken immunity include stressful emotions, nutritional deficiencies, excess sugar and alcohol, and overwork. Other Immune Supporters (besides good sleep) include a healthy diet, regular exercise, and feelings of love and appreciation. (See the Immune Enhancement section in Chapter 16 of Staying Healthy with Nutrition.)
7. Vitamins A, C, and E, along with some B vitamins and minerals zinc and selenium support immune function. Many of these nutrients are found in good multi-vitamin/mineral products. Supplemental herbs and formulas that prevent colds and flu by supporting our resistance will keep us healthy through the holidays. These include Siberian ginseng (helps us deal with stress) and Echinacea (for a few weeks at a time with a week off). Green algae powder in drinks or in capsule form also supports energy and health by providing nutrients and maintaining alkalinity, which makes our body less vulnerable to infection.
8. Maintain or create a healthy exercise plan that includes an indoor workout program for rainy or cold weather. Also, include a balance of aerobic activity, weight training, and stretching for endurance, strength, and flexibility.
9. Include more reflective and meditative time. Build quality time into your schedule for those you love closer/deeper space to share emotions with family and friends. This is part of the process and one of the opportunities you can consciously enjoy for Staying Healthy through the Autumn and Winter months.
10. Care for yourself by cultivating a loving vibration for your life. When partying, get to know others for the nourishment of heart that it brings rather than focusing on food and drink. This can protect you from overindulgence and allow you to treat yourself most respectfully. This is very important to long-term health, weight maintenance, and a balanced life.

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