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White & Rose Wines

  2000 Oakley - Vin Blanc Current Release
1997 Carignane Ancient Vines 1999 Côtes d'Oakley - Vin Blanc
1996 Carignane Anceint Vines 1998 Côtes d'Oakley - Vin Blanc
 2000 Oakley - Vin Rouge Current Release 1997 Côtes d'Oakley - Vin Blanc 
1997 Côtes d'Oakley - Vin Rouge 1996 Côtes d'Oakley - Vin Blanc
1996 Côtes d'Oakley - Vin Rouge  2000 Oakley - Vin Gris Current Release
1995 Côtes d'Oakley - Vin Rouge 1997 Côtes d'Oakley - Vin Gris
1999 Mourvèdre Ancient Vines Current Release 1996 Côtes d'Oakley - Vin Gris
1997 Mourvèdre Ancient Vines  
1996 Mourvèdre Ancient Vines  1998 Marsanne Los Carneros
1995 Mourvèdre Ancient Vines  1997 Marsanne Los Carneros
1994 Mourvèdre Contra Costa County  1996 Marsanne Los Carneros
1993 Mourvèdre Contra Costa County  1995 Marsanne Carneros
1999 Mourvèdre Small Berry Vineyard Current Release  1995 Muscat Canelli Sonoma Valley
1996 Mourvèdre Small Berry Vineyard  
  2000 Pinot Gris Sonoma County Current Release
  2000 Pinot Gris/Chardonnay Sonoma County Current Release
1999 Syrah California  1997 Roussanne Los Carneros
1998 Syrah California  1996 Roussanne Los Carneros
1999 Syrah Los Carneros Current Release 2000 Viognier Sonoma County Current Release
1998 Syrah Los Carneros 1999 Viognier Los Carneros
1997 Syrah Los Carneros 1998 Viognier Los Carneros
1996 Syrah Los Carneros  1997 Viognier Los Carneros
 1995 Syrah Contra Costa County 1996 Viognier Los Carneros
  1995 Viognier Contra Costa County
1999 Zinfandel Ancient Vines Current Release

 Jacuzzi Family Vineyard Wines

1998 Zinfandel Ancient Vines 1999 Pinot Gris Reserve Los Carneros
1997 Zinfandel Ancient Vines  
1996 Zinfandel Ancient Vines 1997 Merlot Reserve Los Carneros 
1995 Zinfandel Ancient Vines  
1999 Zinfandel California  1997 Zinfandel Reserve Contra Costa County
1998 Zinfandel California 1996 Zinfandel Reserve Contra Costa County
1997 Zinfandel California 1995 Zinfandel Reserve Contra Costa County
1996 Zinfandel California  
1995 Zinfandel California  
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1999 Zinfandel Big Break Vineyard Current Release  
1997 Zinfandel Big Break Vineyard  
1996 Zinfandel Big Break Vineyard  
1995 Zinfandel Big Break Vineyard  
1999 Zinfandel Bridgehead Vineyard Current Release  Back to Top
1997 Zinfandel Bridgehead Vineyard  
1996 Zinfandel Bridgehead Vineyard  
1995 Zinfandel Bridgehead Vineyard  
1999 Zinfandel Fulton Road Current Release  
1997 Zinfandel Fulton Road  
1999 Zinfandel Live Oak Current Release  
1997 Zinfandel Live Oak  
1996 Zinfandel Live Oak  
1995 Zinfanel Live Oak  Back to Top

Cline Cellars can ship wine only to RECIPROCAL STATES
California, Colorado, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin.
Call our tasting room for orders, shipping costs and wine availability 800/546-2070.
To Find Cline Cellars Wines in your state visit the following websites or email for the distributor in your state.
Bacchus Importers Ltd. - Maryland and Washington D.C.
Martin Scott - New York City Distributor
Southern Wines & Spirits - California
Vinsouth - Atlanta, Florida, Texas
The Wine Treasury - United Kingdom
Wordens Market and Deli in Missoula, MT

Margot-Schmitt - Germany Distributor

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