general strikes in bangladesh

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1997, august 24 - second nationwide strike in as many months
police used batons and teargas in running battles with opposition activists during a countrywide general strike that kept transport off the street and shut businesses across bangladesh august 24. upto 50 people were injured, including a newspaper photographer who was hit by a teargas shell and was rushed to hospital (sic) in critical condition. police arrested nearly 20 activists.

the day-long strike was called by the main opposition bangladesh nationalist party (bnp), to protest against a recent increase in fuel prices.

in dhaka and the main port city of chittagong, there was no transport on the street except for a few rickshaws. trains did not leave their stations or were halted by pro-strike activists on their way. only a few ferries sailed off before dawn.

from the industrial worker, a publication of the industrial workers of the world.

1997, july 30 - workers and troops clash in protest over wages and privitization

workers and police clashed during a july 30 nationwide strike for higher pay in bangladesh, injuring at least 100 people. the injured included at least 10 people shot by paramilitary troops who were trying to stop more than 3,000 protesters from entering a garment factory in dhaka, the capital.

an alliance of 17 unions organized the strike, demanding a minimum wage of $68 per month, up from $23. the alliance, which represents 5 million workers, also was protesting the privitization of state owned mills and factories.

striking workers put barricades on major roads, cutting off dhaka and the country's main port, chittagong, from the rest of the country. most mills, factories and ports did not function.

from the industrial worker, a publication of the industrial workers of the world.

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