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1997, january 23 - greek unions call another strike against government austerity plans
thousands of workers in Greece participated in a one-day national strike which shut down major cities, including athens. the strike was organized by greece's largest trade union central - the general confederation of greek workers - to protest the government's austerity plans which include high tax increases and the abolition of many tax breaks. the government says it has to impose the taxes to get the country ready for the european union's single currency program scheduled for 1999.

meanwhile, greek fishers ended an 11 day strike just hours before the national general strike started when the government agreed to reducing some tax increases.

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1996, december 17 - greek general strike aims austerity scheme

greek doctors, civil servants, diplomats and seafarers stopped work december 17 to protest the ruling socialists 1997 austerity budget. civil servants marched on parliament, causing traffic chaos in the heart of the capital. seafarers pressed on with a 2-day strike, halting commercial transport and making a 20-day farmers' road blockade tougher to circumvent.

strikes and work stoppages have reverberated daily with chants of groups of disgruntled workers since simitis unveiled his budget. workers have demanded better pensions, higher minimum wages and expressed outrage at heavier taxation. the socialists have boosted indirect taxes on items such as alcohol and swept away hundreds of tax exemptions.

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1996, november 28 - one day strike protests european union austerity program

thousands of workers in greece held a one-day general strike to protest a government austerity program. the strike which involved workers in transportation, banks, utilities and other enterprises, was organized by the country's two largest unions.

the government is pursuing an austerity program designed to cut its deficit and allow it to join theeEuropean monetary union in 1999. the program includes plans to raise taxes and cut the benefits of workers.

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