general strikes in mexico

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1959, february - mexican army crushes cummunist led general strike
during the cold war era, the conservative confederation of mexican workers (ctm), led by the "ruler-for-life" fidel velazquez, had successfully replaced all radical labor leaders. these independent union leaders were violently removed, often by police, soldiers, or gangster, and replaced with leaders known as "charros," a term meaning "dudes" or "cowboys," but which referred to corrupt union leaders. however, in 1958, demetrio vallejo, a communist labor leader, succeeded in becoming leader of the railroad workers union (stfrm), and in february of 1959 initiated a general strike. naturally velazquez and the ctm took the side of the mexican government against the workers. the mexican army smashed the strike, killing some railroad workers, arresting hundreds, and allowing the state company to fire thousands.

from the united electrical international solidarity site

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