general strike references

while most of the accounts of general strikes listed on this site are linked to online sources, the internet, despite its vastness, holds a small fraction of the information available about general strikes. the references listed below are primarily scholarly works on the subject, but also constitute a very minor portion of the available material on the subject.

perhaps the greatest resources for information about general strikes (and undoubtedly the least recognized, utilized and appreciated) lie in the hearts and minds of workers around the world who risked their health, safety, liveliehood and their lives fighting to empower themselves and their fellow workers. nothing captures the essence of the general strike than simple conversation with those involved. if you really want to know about the profound impacts general strikes have made, i recommend you turn off you computer and put away your books and talk to your grandparents, parents, neighbors, elders and fellow workers.

"unless we remember we cannot understand." -- edward m. forster

"there is no more radical idea than a long memory." -- u. utah phillips

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