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Arwen Spicer, Ph.D.
Your Private Tutor in Sonoma County

Four Reasons to Choose Me as Your Tutor:

1. Convenience

I tutor in-home, at other convenient locations, and online. I fit your schedule, even on weekends.

2. Expertise

Unlike some tutors who offer lessons in dozens of subjects for all grade levels, I tutor only in subjects and grades in which I have extensive expertise, not only in the subject matter but in how to teach it.

I specialize in English, writing, language arts, Latin, evolutionary theory, and study skills for middle school (grades 6, 7, and 8), high school, college, and adult learners.

3. Affordability

With me as you tutor, you get the services of a trained, experienced Ph.D. for rates not much higher than the average college student charges.

Limited time promotional offer: $10 off all hourly rates!

4. Service with Integrity

As a tutor, I stand by four principles of excellence:


You know what you want tutoring to accomplish for you or your child. I listen to your goals and work out an approach for achieving them.


I present information clearly and concisely. If what I've said doesn't make sense, I'll explain it a different way and keep on explaining until it does.


I search for the strengths in a student's written work and conceptual understanding. I am quick to praise improvement. The more successful someone feels in a subject, the more successful he or she can be.


I continually challenge myself to improve as a tutor, learner, and writer. I challenge my students the same way. As a student improves, my tutoring moves on to stressing more advanced areas. This process can continue for as long as you wish to retain my services as a tutor.

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